About Me

My name is Sandy, and I’m A Mother…Again. Although some people might not think it’s a lot, I have three kids – one step-son, a daughter and a newborn son. I never thought that I’d be a mother again, thus this blog was born when I found out that I was pregnant for the second time in my life.

I am a Texas girl through and through. My family might argue and remind me that I was actually born in Louisiana…but I argue right back and ask is Shreveport really considered Louisiana? I think not…but if that argument won’t work, then I remind them that I only lived in Louisiana for a few short months of my life. So that bumper sticker that you sometimes see on cars that says “I wasn’t born here…But I got here as fast as I could!”? That’s me!

I love my family. Most of them - some of the time. Just kidding. I have a large, very complicated family that involves no actual brothers and sister, one adopted sister, one step-sister, step-brothers and a step-dad who isn’t really a step-dad anymore but I still call him that, and countless aunts, uncles and cousins all thrown into the mix. I can hardly keep them all straight, and now that I have three kids, I try to convince them all to visit ME, making my travel on the road much less. You see, almost all of them live in East Texas…and I live in Central Texas.  In case you didn’t know, Texas is a BIG state…there are four hours between us, which sometimes is for the best where family is concerned. Wink, wink!

I was married before, but I don’t really talk a lot about that – you never know who reads this stuff – but I did get one amazing daughter out of the deal, whom I talk about non-stop. She’s eight, which is a great age to provide me with countless funny stories, silly moments and cherished mother-daughter times which all become fodder for this blog. Her name is Jenna.
I got married last year to the love of my life. His name is Brent and we met at work. I know, that’s not really an original story, but when we first met, we were both married. To other people. Over the course of a few years, and us becoming friends, we both went through divorces and decided to try our hand at dating. Neither one of us was sure that we EVER wanted to be married again, and don’t you know that is the exact moment with the right person comes along? We dated for two years, and then Brent popped the question. Read about his proposal, it’s a good one.
We had almost a year-long engagement where we planned the party of our lives…and a little wedding ceremony…and you can read all about it over on my wedding blog. At least go by and take a look at the pictures – they’re gorgeous!
So my little family grew to include this man and his son.
Tanner is twelve and all boy. He’s the pride of his daddy’s eye and a pretty cool kid to boot. He and Jenna get along as well as can be expected, but sometimes they cross the line with me. He started playing football this year, played 4 games and then broke his arm…like I said, all boy.
On our honeymoon, we started trying to have a baby. Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger and we wanted one more. We were lucky enough to conceive right away and in July 2010 we welcomed another member to the fold. Meet Jaxon. He’s a cutie pie, a little stinker, a feeding machine and the twinkle in our eyes on most days. Then there are the “other” days…but we don’t like to talk too much about those days!
We both work full-time and between work, kids, and daily life we’re pretty busy…but we manage to laugh, love and enjoy our life along the way each and every day. We both think that we’re the luckiest person on Earth for finding the other one…but I secretly think that I’m more lucky!

Our life is crazy that’s for sure. Our kids’ ages range from infant to 12 years old, with a drama queen thrown into the mix there in the middle. They play football, baseball, basketball, and soccer all during the year and sometimes we don’t know which way we’re going or which end is up. I write about it all and hope to entertain you and keep my own head on straight in the process!

Here are some random fun facts about me:
  • My favorite color is purple. If you ask my daughter, she’ll tell you that my favorite color is pink – not really sure where that comes from. But I actually wear a lot of black.
  • I don’t own enough shoes. Seriously. I need to go shoe shopping…because most of the time you’ll just find me in flip flops!
  • I’m slightly OCD about certain things…and a total Type A personality to boot…makes for some pretty interesting combinations, that’s for sure.
  • I’m a total Project Whore. I started a group – Project Whores Anonymous. It’s a support group for people like me who tend to bite off more than they can chew as far as projects are concerned. Want to sign up? I’m considering yearly dues and regular meetings, but then I figure that no one would join, so that thought went out the window. I’m always working on something that I saw, thought of or want to own but am too cheap to purchase…if I’m not working on it, then you can bet that I’m thinking about it!
  • I love, love, love to cook…although I don’t do it often enough – it makes a mess, maybe you hadn’t heard. I discovered a few years back that baking bread isn’t nearly as hard as it looks, so I love to try new bread recipes…if you have a good one – please share!
I’ll try to think of some other cool stuff and post it later…but that’s me in a nutshell…hope you enjoy reading my blog!

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