Monday, May 31, 2010

Honoring My Veteran...

I've mentioned several times that we spent half a day last week at the VA Hospital up in Temple, TX last week. Don't remember me mentioning that? Then you were probably laughing too hard at my story about getting hit on to rememeber that it all started with a trip to the VA Hospital.

As anxious as I was about going to the hospital, I was relieved to find out that the VA hospital is really no different than other hospitals. Yes, there were injuries and things that I would rather not see…and who really enjoys the smells associated with hospitals? there were things that were unpleasant. But more than all of those things combined, I was shocked to discover that I was filled with an almost shameful amount of pride. I was surrounded by a gathering of people who had served their country in some capacity and some of them had paid a heavy price for it. But that heavy price guarantees that I sleep safe in my bed each night, with the freedom to make choices that people in other countries don’t get to make.

Yes, ever since becoming involved with someone in the military these things have meant more to me than they used to. But it really hit home last week. I’m not really sure why…I mean, I live with and deal with Brent’s injuries and wounds from war on a daily basis. This should be nothing new to me…but it was. There was a brotherhood about the place, a community that although I’m not technically a member of, I have joined through marriage.

I don’t think that I’m doing a very good job of explaining myself…

You see, I wasn’t with Brent when he was an active Marine. I met him years after his experiences in the second Gulf War, and I deal with those issues on a daily basis, like I have said before. I don’t know what it’s like to kiss him goodbye and not know if he’ll be returning to me at all, much less in one piece. I don’t know what it’s like to be pregnant with your spouse thousands of miles away, knowing that they’ll miss the birth of their child, or with the knowledge that they’ll miss those first few years that children grow and change so much. I don’t know what any of that is like.

I do know what it’s like to live with the nightmares – the scenes that are burned into your brain whether you want them there or not. The constant pain that comes after you’ve been injured in a war that you live with on a daily basis that I can only begin to imagine. The terror that can grip you when you’re first awakened in an abrupt way. The sense of loss that you experience when another member of your unit chooses to take his own life instead of living in the present any longer. I know what all of that is like. I know (somewhat) how to handle that.

His injuries were of the extent that Brent was not able to stay active in the Marines, which I have no doubt he would have done had he been given that choice. So he’s now in a different group – the Veteran. And even more defined than that, he’s a Disabled Veteran. He’s had many honors and acknowledgements through the course of his career with the Marines but I wonder if it’s this status of a Veteran that means the most to him? He lives with the knowledge that he served his country, fought for our freedom, and made a huge sacrifice in order to do these things. I know that he would have made the same choices that he did even knowing the outcome…knowing that he would be injured and disabled…he would do it all over again the exact same way. Because he sees things differently. He doesn’t see it as he was disfigured…he sees that he was able to keep his foot and not have an amputation. He doesn’t see it that he gave up so much to do these things…he sees that this is what you do for your country and for the beliefs that you have.

And being in the VA Hospital last week, these thoughts really hit home with me. I saw many other Veterans who were not as lucky as Brent. They did lose limbs and were terribly scarred in many ways, remembering that not all scars are visible and physical in nature. But what I saw in them all, as I sat in the waiting room watching them all was a sense of pride. They were proud to have served their country. They were proud to make the sacrifices that they made. They knew that they were in a select group of people that were willing to do it all in the first place. And just like Brent, I can only imagine that they would do it all over again in a heartbeat, if given the opportunity.

What a great honor to be in the same room with men and women of that caliber. I was truly touched.

So this Memorial Day, I would ask that you take a minute to reflect on what it means to be a Veteran. Maybe you have Veterans in your family that need to be honored/remembered on this special day. Or maybe you have active military in your circle of family/friends. Bless them. Think of them often with love in your heart. They need it, along with their loved ones.

So go out there and give a Veteran a hug…I know that I will!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Doing Things That Need to Be Done...

I feel like such a big girl right now…we have been working hard at several things that make me feel like an adult. Does that make sense? There are things that you do once you’re older and after you do them and take a step back you sit there and think “Man, that’s something that my parents would do!” and it’s at that point that you realize that maybe, just maybe, you’re growing up.

Where to start? Well, first off, I’ve mentioned several times that I’ve been “nesting” the past few weeks. Cleaning out closets, organizing and just getting our house ready for another person to live there. And to do that, we really had to make some room…which meant renting a storage unit. If you’re familiar with Centex Homes, then you immediately know why I would need a storage unit. These are track homes that are built with cost in mind, not storage space and livability. (No, I’m not sure that livability is a word either, but it works!) The kids’ rooms have no walk-in closets, the linen closets are a joke, there are only 4 upper cabinets in my kitchen and only 5 lower ones. The storage space is somewhat redeemed by a large pantry/utility room with one whole wall of shelves (which still isn’t enough!) and a huge master bedroom closet. Oh, and there is a coat closet down stairs. But that’s it.

We ran out of room before Jenna and I moved in…so we’ve just been putting more and more stuff in the garage…and now the garage was full again. Plus, when you combine houses, you always have extra furniture, right? I’m not ready to get rid of some of those pieces, as they are from great-aunts/grandmothers/mothers…but we’re SO out of room!

So we bit the bullet last weekend and rented a storage unit. Brent immediately went to work emptying the garage and getting his “man space” back. I’m told that it’s not a “man cave” until there’s a TV in there, so for now it’s just “man space.” If he can finish up the painting, baseboards and crown molding this weekend while us girls are out of town, then he’ll have even more space…which is the plan, I think. Anyway, I digress…

He cleaned out the garage and I went to Target and bought some more plastic storage bins. Extra sheets and blankets that we do not use except for camping and sleep-overs were immediately packed up. Closets and dressers were cleaned out of clothes that are outgrown. Toys that are not being played with have been donated to Goodwill/Salvation Army. Shoes that don’t fit (or just aren’t worn) are also being donated. Basically, we’re just cleaning house, doing things that probably should have been done a year ago, but I work on my own time-table as my Mom will be more than happy to tell you!

I also took this energy and applied it to our finances. Since we are out of room in this house, we know that within the next year, we’re going to need to move. And to do that, we needed to make some good financial decisions and reset our financial goals and see what all we can do RIGHT NOW that will put us on that road. With that in mind, we’re paying off our last interest-bearing credit card this next month, which will be SUCH a relief on our monthly cash flow. After having that off of our plate, we’re going to work on a new budget – factoring in the new baby bills that we’re sure to have and see where we are financially at that point.

We also opened a joint checking/savings account (just like adults!) this week and are in the process of combining out household income into one account. We’ll probably still keep our individual accounts to use as our spending/allowance money, but all paychecks and bills will be paid out of one account from now on out. I’m really excited about this as I’m the “bill payer” in the family. Not the person that makes all the money and pays all the bills, but the person that literally sits down and pays all of this bills. Since we hadn’t combined our accounts just yet, it was somewhat of a chore to say you pay this bill, I pay that bill, then we each pay half of this other bill. From now on, they will all be paid out of one account – so much easier on the “bill payer”!

I feel really good about all of these changes…and the timing is perfect to get all of this done before Jax makes his appearance. We have our first baby shower this weekend with my family and I’m anticipating getting all of my bedding stuff, including the mattress for the crib so I can’t wait to make it back home and start setting up the nursery. Of course to do that, all of these other things really had to be done first…it’s progress all the same, which feels good.

Have you done things in your first year of marriage that made you really feel like an adult?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thirty One Weeks

Another week gone by…and my belly just keeps on growing! I know, I know – this isn’t something that should shock me or anything…but still. I’m down into single digit weeks left, and I have to say that it’s starting to become more real. That really sounds ludicrous to say, but hopefully you know what I mean. It’s getting close people!

According to, little Jax measures over 16 inches long and weighs about 3.3 pounds (think 4 navel oranges) and he’s heading into a growth spurt! (Watch out stomach!) He can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs and body are beginning to plump up a but as fat accumulates underneath his skin. He’s probably moving a lot too, so you may have trouble sleeping because your baby’s kicks and somersaults keep you up. Take comfort: all of this activity is a sign that your baby is healthy and active.

Yes, in my head I know that it’s a good thing to be poked, kicked and jabbed all night long…but when that alarm goes off at 5:30am, sometimes it’s hard to feel grateful! I’m just being honest…

And they’re right – the activity has definitely increased this past week…Jax moves almost constantly during certain periods of the day and then sleeps for long periods of time too. His movements are big movements now (could be running out of room in there too!) and you can clearly see them all through my shirts. The other night I was dozing off and Brent was just fascinated watching his antics as I laid there trying to go to sleep. I actually went to sleep and woke up about 15-20 minutes later and Brent’s hand was still on my belly because Jax had just been blowing and going that whole time. His words to me? “I don’t know how you can sleep…he’s REALLY moving and kicking!” You think? Well, it’s easier to sleep through it all when you’ve only gotten three hours of sleep the past two nights and full days in between…

Here are my belly shots for the week…I forgot to do the front shot, so you’ll have to be ok with these...
I swear that it looks bigger in person – I must have a magic camera that takes away weight!

I’m feeling all right this week. Well, truthfully, this hasn’t been the best of weeks for me. Not to sound too whiny or like I’m complaining, but my back’s been acting up again, the heartburn has been horrible, I’m sleeping less and therefore a “bit” more irritable and short-tempered. I just overall haven’t felt good. Not bad enough to stay home…not bad enough to stay down once I get there…just not good. I don’t know if that makes sense.

I started taking the iron pills that my doctor wanted me to take this week, and I honestly thought that I might see a boost in my energy levels from it. Not that I had really noticed if I was “dragging” or not before, but I can’t say that I’ve seen a difference. She wanted me to take them at night so it would be easier on my stomach, but I noticed those first few nights that I took it, Jax was REALLY active those nights…so I’ve switched to taking them in the morning with my prenatal vitamin. That’s working better for me. And just to be on the safe side, I added a fiber pill (or half of one) to my daily regimen sometime during the day to help with the constipation that taking iron causes. So far, so good.

I’ve got a busy week ahead of me. It’s month end time for me at work, which is always stressful and busy. It took a lot out of me last month, so I’m expecting this month to be worse. But the good news is that I’m training others to do my stuff this month in anticipation of my upcoming maternity leave – so that’s exciting! Maybe not doing the actual work will help…

In addition to a busy work week, I’m travelling home this holiday weekend to visit one last time before the big arrival and for my family to throw me a baby shower! I’m excited for that, but it’s a long drive and Brent couldn’t get the time off of work to go along with me…since it’s a holiday weekend and he works in retail. Hopefully having the extra day will make the trip easier on me…and I don’t plan on pushing it too hard. Or trying not to, anyway. But I’m looking forward to a great weekend with family and LOTS of yummy food!!! That’s always news to a pregnant woman’s ears! LOL!

Do you have big plans for this holiday weekend?

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Perfect Dress???

Is this the most perfect dress for my shower this weekend? Wait, before I show you I should explain that the shower is being held at my Aunt's country home and the spread is going to be hamburgers and homemade ice cream.

Yum yum...

So with that in mind, is this the best dress for that or what?

It totally reminds me of a picnic. Or a 4th of July party...and at $12 at Wal-Mart, I just couldn't resist. I don't normally find clothes at Wal-Mart, or even actually look, but this caught my eye as I was walking by.

Of course, it's not a maternity dress, so I bought my normal size and have my fingers crossed that I can wiggle my way into it for this shower. If that doesn't work, it's perfect for post-materity wear too!

PWA Goes Into Overdrive...

I don’t know about you guys, but I seem to be the most creative when I don’t really have TIME to be creative…does that make sense? Let me explain…

Right before the wedding, I got this crazy idea to start an etsy shop and I opened the doors without really thinking things through completely. I had just had SO much fun planning the wedding and doing all of those little crafty projects that I didn’t truly think through what I was doing. If I had taken that time, then maybe I wouldn’t have had such a flop…not a huge flop, I sold some of my handmade bags in person, but none through etsy. But then again, launching the business right before the wedding, then there was the honeymoon and then I got pregnant right away…maybe it wasn’t all due to poor planning?

But I did it knowing that it wasn’t the best time to do those things because I was literally overwhelmed with ideas. Things that I could make, different bags/purses, cards, invitations…oh the possibilities were endless! I would honestly lay awake at night thinking about the things that I could do. But shortly after opening my “doors”, I realized that the timing was all off. Once I got back from my honeymoon, I realized how tired I was. I needed a break. I needed to step back and NOT work on something. To recharge, if you will.

Then I found out that I was pregnant and those first few months really kicked my butt! I didn’t have the energy to do anything, much less worry about my new little “business” and making more bags to sell. I felt bad, I was sick, I was tired…you name it, it worked as an excuse for me!

But about a month ago, I realized that I miss sewing. I miss making things. I admitted to myself that I LIKE having projects to work on…and I started thinking about what I could do next. And it seemed that once I admitted those things, the creative juices got to flowing freely once again - because I have to tell you, the ideas are just endless at the moment!

I wrote previously about forcing myself to work on and try to finish old projects before starting new ones…and that’s working well. You saw my quilt/bedspread here and I’m proud to say that I’m about halfway through with the lattice/ribbon portion of that project. I also need to work on the wedding quilt…but I’m at a stand still on that until I remember to take the pieces for the rest of Brent’s family to sign. Every time that we all get together I totally forget!! But until I get those last 4-5 pieces signed, my hands are tied on that one…

And then I gave you a sneak peak here at something I was working on. Don’t worry, it was just raw material sitting there patiently waiting for me to “hurry up” and make some progress on those old projects first…

But in my head, that material was rapidly being transformed into my next project. And I was spending lots of time at work home daydreaming about how to alter my favorite tote bag pattern to make it into what I really wanted to make…my diaper bag! You see, I didn’t register for a diaper bag. When Brent and I went to do the registry, by the time that we got to diaper bags he was acting a bit restless and I didn’t want to be rushed into picking something that I wasn’t going to be truly happy with. So I left it off and went back later. And then made another trip…and sometime during my third trip to look at diaper bags, I realized that I couldn’t pick a bag out because I truly didn’t like any that I saw.

There were features about this one or that one that I liked, but always there was also something that I didn’t like about it to make it “not the right bag for Sandy.” I started searching online and didn’t like that option either…I want to hold it, see it, touch it, feel it, hang it on my shoulder to see where it’s going to hit my body…you get the idea. And then, like a bolt of lightning, it hit me. YOU CAN SEW. Which then turned into YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN BAG!

Yeah, like I keep saying, pregnancy ROTS YOUR BRAIN and makes you forget things that otherwise would be SO obvious! LOL.

So after working on my other projects, altering my previous bag designs, and spending a few hours working on a “prototype” may I present to you my newest project? My diaper bag…
It’s basically just a tote bag…not too girly (that was another problem that I kept running into!) and not too plain. Just enough jazz to please me…and apparently too much to make my husband comfortable with carrying it! He’s already asked where HIS bag is…

The bag varies a bit from the totes that I made for my bridesmaids and sold through etsy…it’s larger for one, which is obvious since a diaper bag needs to carry more. The outside pockets are bigger (one large pocket on each side instead of two)…and they have hidden magnetic snaps sewn in, which I LOVE!
The side pockets are designed to be roomy enough to hold bottles, although I have to admit that I don’t have any bottles yet to do a trial run on that feature.
The inside isn’t quite as jazzy like my other bags, but does still sport the inside pocket for my keys and cell phone and things that I might need to find rapidly.
In short, I love it. Love it! Love it!! Love it!!!

There are a few things (since this was my first attempt at a new pattern) that I would do differently the next time around…and yes, I already have another set of material for another diaper bag. I mean, a mom’s got to have options, right? Right! But for the most part I couldn’t be happier with it.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll finish up (or start) some of the other projects that are rattling around in my brain for baby Jax. Like I said, it’s like a fountain that I can’t shut off! Just this morning, I had this idea for the CUTEST onesies EVER…hopefully it will work out between my head and actual reality and I’ll have something else to show you soon!

Do you find yourself getting more creative the less time that you actually have to do things? I hope it’s not just me…

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Day Yesterday...

Well, I have to say that yesterday was…interesting. There are actually a lot of words that I could use to encompass some of my feelings yesterday. Stressful. Anxious. Thankful. Honored. Humbled. Proud. Worried. And finally, embarrassed.

Let me back up and explain. I’ve mentioned before that I have a thing with needles, blood and hospitals. You know, all of those things that I’m going to be facing myself in less than 10 weeks…but I digress. So I have this thing. On a normal, everyday basis it doesn’t cause me any major problems…except the time that I passed out while trying to drive my daughter (who had cracked her head open) to the emergency room. Once again, I’m off topic. When Brent met with his normal VA doctor a few weeks back, and she wanted to order some tests before trying to diagnose the symptoms that he was describing, we knew that he would have to go to the closest VA hospital, which happens to be in Temple. I offered to try to get the time off so that I could be there with him during the tests, and he was grateful for my offer and only asked me to do it if it didn’t cause any problems for me at work.

I arranged to have the day off, and away we went. I was really anxious and nervous. #1 because I’m headed to a place that I don’t like to go – the hospital. There’s just too many things going on there that I don’t want to know about or see face-to-face. #2 because I’m worried about what the test results might show. It could be something really minor, or it could go the other route and lean towards something more major. #3 because I’ve never been to a VA hospital, but logic tells me that I’m about to see some serious stuff. And since I don’t do well with regular hospitals…well, you can imagine my state of mind.

Imagine my surprise when I discover that the VA Hospital was no different than other hospitals that I’ve been to. Many of the Veterans there were probably Veterans from WWII, which made some of them quite old, and interesting to sit and visit with to say the least. I struck up a very pleasant conversation with a lady from a few towns over that drives Veterans to their appointments from her local hometown – what a great way to spend part of your retired days! She was QUITE a character, and helped keep my mind off of what was going on back in the exam room, which I wasn’t allowed to go into due to it being an X-ray room and my current condition of being almost 8 months pregnant.

Once he was finished with his tests, the first order of business was food. He had been slightly grouchy all day long because his appt was scheduled for 10:30am and was not allowed to eat anything after 6pm the previous night. I felt horrible for eating in front of him, but being pregnant, I really didn’t have a choice. We immediately left the VA and headed for one of our favorite restaurants – BJ’s. They have great beer, wonderfully delicious pizzas and the most sinful dessert on the face of the planet – the pizzookie. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Off we headed, and since we were after the lunch rush (yes, the VA hospital operates on its own schedule!) we were seated right away. After a few minutes our waitress came up and introduced herself and took our drink orders. Brent also ordered an appetizer (a man’s got to eat!) and we settled down to decide on our main course. Our waitress came back and dropped off our drinks and took our order. When she left, Brent commented on the fact that she was friendly. Like really friendly. Like more flirty than friendly.

Since he’s a good-looking guy, I’m used to this and commented something to the effect that I must not even notice anymore when girls hit on him…to which he started laughing. He was laughing because apparently she was flirting with ME.

Me. The one who’s 30 weeks pregnant. And sitting with her husband in a booth. And we’re sitting close, not on opposite sides.

I immediately tell him that the barium that they made him drink at the hospital must be affecting his brain and brush him off. But over the course of the next few trips that she made back to our table, I had to admit that he was right. She was hitting on me. HITTING on ME. And not like just a little bit, but being all out in the open about things.

We watched how she was with her other two tables, thinking maybe she was just really friendly (yes, that was my suggestion). But nope. She wasn’t being like this with anyone else. Just me.

It was all little things, but glaringly obvious once I was attuned to it. She only really spoke to me. She gave me the “look” more than once, and I’m not talking about that look that I give to Brent when he’s in trouble…you know the look that I’m talking about! And she did it over and over and over. To the point where I had to admit that he was right and reluctantly admit that she was hitting on me. Much to his delight.

So here’s my question for you: How would you have handled this?

I mean, I’m almost 8 months pregnant…clearly showing…I’m sitting with my husband at lunch (where we’ve smooched a few times since sitting down)…I’m wearing a wedding ring, as is he…I don’t know how to more clearly state that I’m not looking. For a man or a woman, just to be clear.

I don’t know about you, but I just kept my head down and tried my hardest to not look at her. I mean, I didn’t want to encourage her any more, right? When she came over, I wouldn’t look up, I let Brent answer all of her questions, and I did my best to scoot a bit closer to him just to be extra clear.

But by the end of the meal, she still hadn’t gotten the message. When she asked if she could box up our leftovers, Brent told her yes. She asked if we wanted to also take our leftover mozzarella sticks and I immediately answered “Yes, please. Our kids love them.” while silently congratulating myself and patting myself on the back all at the same time for the stroke of genius to let her know that I wasn’t interested. Yeah, she didn’t get that hint either.

When she brought our leftovers back, all boxed up, she asked us about dessert and by that point I was just ready to leave. (Yes, Brandi, I didn’t even WANT a pizzookie at that point!) She asked us about dessert while clearing off our plates, and Brent politely told her that we didn’t have room for anything else.

She was stacking up her tray when he capped off that response with a remark about how the appetizer had ruined our dessert appetite. She picked up her tray and began to walk away right when he mentioned that he must have been having a sympathy pregnancy craving over the mozzarella sticks.

She was already several steps away from our table when what he said really sunk in. I kid you not – she stopped in her tracks and waited a moment while obviously processing what he’d just said. Then she came BACK to our table and said “You’re pregnant?!?!?” in the most depressed and shocked voice you can imagine.

I leaned back and rubbed my belly to show it off…and it’s not that big some days, I’ll give you that, but it’s pretty obvious that I’m pregnant. Well, I have to admit that I was wearing a black t-shirt and the booth was also black, so I guess that she might not be able to see as clearly as if I were standing or something.

I told her that I was due at the end of July and she went on and on about how she couldn’t even tell that I was pregnant. (Which was just further proof for Brent how hard she’d been checking me out!) Then she sealed the deal and came around to the side of the booth to look at me from the side…it was easier to see that way.

Then her whole face fell into a mask of disappointment. She told me congratulations, but the joy in her eyes (or the “I’d like to buy you a drink” look) was gone. Her shoulders literally sank in a defeated pose…and it would have been funny if I hadn’t been so mortified.

Of course, my husband is just laughing away…literally rolling in the aisle with laughter. She picked up the check to go and run our card and said in the saddest voice ever that she’d be right back. Brent really tried to get me to leave my phone number or an “I’m sorry but I think that you’re still hot!” message on the ticket where we signed, but I am happy to admit that he did not get his wish.

Nor did I let him go back to the table to get whatever he “forgot” on our way out the door…I knew that he would have totally written my cell phone number down.

This was a first for me. I don’t think that I’ve been hit on before by a girl. At least not while in a restaurant with my husband while being almost 8 months pregnant. On one hand, I know that I should be flattered. And on some small scale, I am. I mean, getting hit on no matter by boy or girl should always be a compliment, right? Right. But really I was WAY more embarrassed than anything.

Like really embarrassed.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Think Good Thoughts

I need some good thoughts going my way, if you don't mind. This morning we're on our way to the VA Hospital on Temple to have some tests run on Brent. He's been having some problems since the wedding, and he's finally been to see his doctor. She wanted some testa run so here we are.

So, if you don't mind, cross your fingers for us...we would like to hear good news today.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thirty Weeks

Wow…where does the time go? I mean, they say that time passes more quickly the older that you get, but it feels like just yesterday that I was at twenty weeks. Then I went to sleep, woke up to pee, went back to sleep and then when I woke up I was already at thirty weeks. That’s how quickly the last ten weeks have seemed to pass. It’s really getting close now, at least it feels kinda scary when I tell people that I only have 10 more weeks…

I’m excited, anxious and scared all at the same time, if that’s possible. And any other pregnant woman will tell you that’s totally possible! Feeling more than 5 emotions at a time is part of the “joys” of pregnancy…there are definitely some symptoms/side effects that I won’t miss! That being one of them…moodiness being another. My wonderful husband tells me all the time that he doesn’t know what I’m talking about when I say that I’m bitchy or irritable…bless his heart. He really DOES know just what to say! But I’ve noticed an increase in my mood swings, not to mention my somewhat “hair trigger” annoyance factor have definitely increased this past week or two.

According to, my baby is now about 15.7 inches long, weighing almost three pounds – the size of a head of cabbage. A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds him now, but that volume will decrease as he gets bigger and takes up more room. His eyesight continues to develop, though it’s not very keen right now; even after he’s born, he’ll keep his eyes closed for a good part of the day. When he does open them, he’ll respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision – which means he can only make out objects a few inches from his face. also told me that I might start to experience “clumsiness” and feel as if I’m out of balance as my belly grows bigger. You think? Really? I would NEVER have guessed! They also advised me that now wasn’t the time to run to catch the bus…was there ever a good time for that? I’m just saying…

Let’s see. Since I’m seeing the doctor every other week now, the visit was short and sweet. She did tell me that I passed my glucose test, but my iron levels are on the low side. This happened when I carried Jenna as well, so I started on some OTC iron pills (yuck!) last night. My bump grew 3 cm since my last visit two weeks ago, putting me right on target, even though my weight is still on the low end. Overall, she’s happy with my progress and overall health condition and had no complaints with me this time.

Weight? 1 lb gain – marking a total of 10 pounds. See how CLOSE I'm getting to that bottom blue line?!?! Progress! She did tell me that they will really start to watch my weight gain/loss now and expect me to put on 1-1.5 pounds each week from here on out. I told her not to hold her breath!
Stretch marks? None yet. Still using my Palmer’s, so maybe it’s helping?
Belly Button – innie/outie? I think that we already addressed this issue, in this post. Click over if you can’t recall!
Movement? Constant movement most of the time. Although I’ve noticed a shift from the sharp jabs and punches/kicks…these seem to be more of stretches now. And Brent can spend hours staring at my “alien belly” as he moves around in there now. Really active when I first lay down at night.
Swelling? Doing good still here too.
Contractions/Signs of Labor? None.
Other Issues? Oh goodness, there’s just so much that isn’t covered. So many things that I wonder if I should share of if it’s TMI…you know, the normal stuff – discharge, peeing issues, occasional constipation…I think that I can quit here.

And here are my belly shots for the week. Growing more and running out of room, it seems! I bought a few more maternity clothes last weekend when I went shopping with my mom and thought ahead and bought them in a Large size…just to give me more room. (And also so that my outie doesn’t show as badly!)

I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, May 21, 2010

My “Reset” Button?!?!

Yep, it’s official…my belly button, which has been on the verge of being an “outie” for the past few weeks is all the way out. I can no longer protest that it’s not all the way out yet…and my reasoning for this was because you couldn’t totally see it with EVERY shirt that I wore, just some of them. Yeah, not anymore. Now, it’s showing through every single shirt/dress that I own and wear.

Insert sad face here…

What? You don’t believe me, check it out!
So you see, it’s official. I have an “outie” again. I remember this phase of pregnancy well…as my belly button did this the last time that I was pregnant too. So embarrassing…

But what makes this worse is that Brent has “affectionately” nicknamed the belly button my “reset” button. You know, like when your hair dryer overheats and you can press the red button to reset it? Apparently I am now in possession of one of those on my belly. To make it somewhat cuter, when he talks about it being my “reset” button, he pushes it in (like you would the button) and makes this “whoop” sound. Like checking groceries at the store. Whoop. Reset button. Whoop.

All of this I think that I could forgive…but to add insult to injury, Jenna has picked up on this “cute” thing that Dad does…and now she walks around pushing in my outie and going “whoop!”

Hmmm…Mama is NOT too happy…Mama shoots Dad “the look”…Dad says “I love you!” and grins…

Like that’s gonna make it all okay. Yeah.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Best Friend…

Would you like to meet my new best friends? I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but seriously…I can go nowhere these days without some of these bad boys… Seriously. I can go NOWHERE without them. Case in point, last Friday when I took the day off to go shopping with my Mom I realized about halfway to my step-brother’s house that I didn’t have any on me. (I had run out at home, so had borrowed the ones from my car for the house and then left WITHOUT them!) The heartburn hit me so bad on the way to their house that when I picked up my Mom I told her that she better be ok with stopping at HEB/Walgreens/CVS (whichever came first) before going anywhere else. They are THAT important to my daily well being. And sanity.

I mean, if I thought that I’d had bad heartburn before now (like during my last pregnancy) then I was mistaken. This time around, I don’t even have to eat the food. I can honestly just be thinking about eating food when the heartburn starts. Seriously. Don’t laugh. It’s not funny!

And then other times, I can go a week without taking a single antacid tablet. What’s up with that?!?! Either be here or be gone – don’t be wishy-washy and visit whenever you feel like it! I promise that before last Friday, I had several days (maybe even a whole week) without any major problems. And then it was back with a vengeance.

Riddle me this? Why is it cyclical? How come it comes and goes on its own free will with no discernable pattern? It’s not the foods that I’m eating because I’m SUCH a picky eater that I’m not eating that many different things. I go to the same places to eat, and usually order the same thing each time I go, so that can’t be it…Got any other suggestions for me?

Who knows? All that I know is that the chocolate-sprinkle donut that I had for breakfast yesterday set a new Sandy-record and caused me to take THREE tablets. Normally just one will do it…

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Am I a B?

Ok here's another question for you complain when someone does you a favor? Let me rephrase - do you complain when someone does you a favor and they do a bad job of it? Does that make me a B if I want to complain?

I mean, I know that they're totally doing me favor...and I know that I'm slightly OCD about certain things...but seriously?!!

Here's the deal...Brent is at home sick, which we've already discussed. So tonight was the last practice of Jenna's soccer team, which he coaches. Obviously he can't coach tonight. There used to be a big sister of one of the other girls on the team who was "helping" Brnt coach...but we haven't seen them in several weeks - not at games or practices.

So once I knew that Brent wasn't going to be better on time to coach the practice, I sent out an email asking for help from another parent. The asst coach responded that she would do it. Great! Thank you! Because in reality it's not like my big, fat pregnant ass can get out there and run around with the kids, right? Right. (I'm glad that we're all in agreement.)

So now we're here and practice is going. But I wouldn't call it practice - they're really just playing games. Sharks and Minnows. Over. And over. And over. What happened to our drills, our basic skill sets? They're nowhere. There's no warm up, no stretching - just games. Again and again.

So...back to the I a B for complaining? I think not. But then again, I'm biased.

On an even better note, I'm the one sitting in my car, typing this out on my iPhone instead of running around with a group of 8 boys and girls doing soccer practice. So maybe i should just shut my mouth, huh?

The Hubs is Sick…

And he is NOT happy about it! I mean, who would be happy about being sick? I know, that’s a silly question, but he is really NOT happy about being sick. Why, you ask? Well, because with him running fever I won’t let him go with me to my doctor’s appt this afternoon…this will be the first appt that he’s missed and he IS. NOT. HAPPY.

We’re not really sure what’s wrong with him – low grade fever, aches/pains, headache and nausea. Kinda sounds like the flu, I know…so I’m staying far, far away. Or trying to anyway. It’s hard to stay 100% away all the time, because I’m trying to help him and all, but doing my best. I am taking my vitamins, though, so never fear. And so far, I am not showing any of the symptoms that he started off with.

Jenna is concerned that he won’t be better by Saturday. Why is Saturday the magical day? Well, that’s the last soccer game of the season, and she’s really looking forward to it since their game last week got rained out (yes, my parents were visiting!). I tried to explain to her this morning that if he was still sick on Saturday then something really bad must be wrong since that was so far away. She corrected me in saying that it was only 4 days away, which isn’t that long, Mom. (This was said with much attitude and all of the knowledge that a 7-year-old can possess) I smiled and bowed to her extensive knowledge, then politely explained that even though Saturday WAS 4 days away, he’s already been sick for two days now.

Being the smart cracker that she is…she quickly added up that 2+4=6…she’s sharp, I tell you! and she conceded that 6 days might be a long time to be sick after all…so here’s to hoping that he’s better by then!

Grey, Grey…Go Away!

Question for the masses (or my readers!): what do you do about your grey hair?

This question comes up because a few weeks back when spending the weekend with my gal pals, the youngest one of us admitted to finding a grey hair a few days before. That would have been Maid Britney admitting to that. And the eyes that rolled in response came from MOH and myself – we shared a look that literally told Maid Britney to just wait! (I really need new nicknames for you girls!) So the subject’s been on my mind ever since.

Come on, I know that it’s no fun to admit that you have them, but we all do…so it’s ok! I’m wondering (as I find more and more of them each and every day) what other people do with their grey hair. I’ve asked a few people in person, and this is the short list that I’ve come up with:

Leave them alone – this is impossible for me to do. I’ve tried, really I have tried to leave them alone in fear that the old wives tale about three growing back in their place will actually happen. Note to self, the old wives tale maybe came true and THAT’S why there are SO many now!
Pull them out – curse and damn the old wives tale, those babies are coming out now.
Color them – hiding the evidence is just as good as them not existing, right?

And since I’ve already admitted to you guys that I can’t leave them there…and most of you actually know me and understand that I don’t visit a salon regularly so that rules out option #3…I should just go ahead and admit that I pull them out.

You see, the bathroom at my office has the mirror in front of the sink and they’ve conveniently placed a mirror directly to the left and right of the counters as well. Really cool if you’re goofing off and want to see 3500 images of yourself at the same time…and also really good at finding grey hairs apparently. It seems like once a day (or more often since I pee approximately 3,417 times a day) I find another grey/white hair sticking out courtesy of these kind mirrors. (That statement was dripping with sarcasm, in case you missed it!)

And I defiantly pluck them out. One little yank…and the problem is gone.

Until the next time I have to pee and I find another one. Or the next day, whatever. But maybe I’m making more grow…hmmm, and it wouldn’t kill me to visit the salon more often, but I think that I could color my own hair if I so desired. I used to do it. I could do it again.

I think that I was just so amused at the shock and horror that Maid Britney displayed over finding her first (mine was traumatic too, so I’m NOT making fun!) reminded me of how frequently I now find them in my hairline. If I see so many, I wonder how many other people are seeing them? And do they want to ask me why I don’t “do something” about that? Maybe they do…or maybe they don’t give a crap. I mean, come on, my hair’s in a ponytail on most days…does it really matter?!?!

All I’m saying is that maybe it should matter. And it’s something that’s been on my mind, so I thought I’d poll the audience, so to speak, and see what you do about your grey hair…if you’ll admit to having any!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Twenty Nine Weeks

Wow – what a weekend! It was non-stop whirlwind of activity between Thursday afternoon and ran that way up until yesterday when I finally took a break. But I gotta tell you, that “nesting” phase is really starting to hit me...Brent would laugh at me if he was aware of all the closet cleaning and straightening up I’ve been doing while he’s at work. Working opposite shifts has it’s advantages and disadvantages, I suppose! But it hit me hard this week to start organizing things and getting the nursery space ready in our house...and it extended beyond the nursery space into J’s closet...the desk...just everywhere! Which is a good thing!

In the meantime, I’m getting larger...Jax is doing his job and growing! He’s also been REALLY active this week...just having little parties and get togethers down there or something. I call him my little dancer because there are just days (like tonight) where he’s been constantly on the move, spazzing around in there for the last hour or two. Really exciting. Even more so when I snuggle up with my honey and Jax kicks him through my tummy! Brent gets a “kick” out of it – literally and figuratively!

According to, Jax is growing rapidly now. This weeks he weighs about 2.5 pounds (the size of a butternut squash) and is just over 15 inches long from head to heel. His muscles and lungs are maturing, and his head is getting bigger to accommodate his ever growing brain. Every day, about 200 mg of calcium is deposited into his skeleton, which is now hardening. With this rapid growth, it’s no surprise that Jax’s nutritional needs reach their peak during this trimester.

Wait…what was that? Oh, that’s right. Somehow the third trimester snuck up on me! Wow. Time really does fly!

I guess my growing belly should have clued me in though...check out this week’s belly pictures!
Getting bigger, that’s for sure. And oh yeah, my belly button is officially an outie now, according to Brent. I still say that it’s not all the way 100% out yet, but it’s showing through my clothes, which he says is what counts. He’s suck a stickler for details!

Ok – I’m keeping this one short and sweet...I’ll have to tell you about spending the day with my Mom another time...I’m getting sleepy now!

Friday, May 14, 2010

PWA is Called to Order!

Ok, in truth, this project’s life span cannot be blamed entirely upon me. My wedding must take some of the blame. Let me explain.

Back when Brent and I were dating, the bedspread that he had on his bed was…well…let’s just say that it has LOTS of character. Isn’t that what you say about an ugly couch? That it has “character”? That’s what I’m trying to say here. It was warm…I definitely will give it props for keeping me nice and cozy during the night, but in the looks department it was sort of…lacking. I determined that it would be really cool to make a new bedspread.

At this point I had made a few blankets and had just finished a baby quilt for one of my best friends (Maid Momma from our wedding for you A Bride…Again readers!) and it turned out beautifully. Brent made the comment that it was so nice and how cool would it look in a larger size. Which got me thinking…and the life of a new project was born. I spent the next few months gathering my supplies…different yards of material to piece together into my quilt and then when I had 10 or so different patterns, I got some outside help (Thanks, Aunt Ann!) to determine which material needed to make the final cut and which ones could be discarded. OK, so to be 100% honest, I probably had 15 different materials, and that really was too many.

So we narrowed it down, and I cut out my pieces. This is what I was left with…

And these were my FAVORITE pieces!

For some reason, the flash was destroying some of the coloring…sorry for the darkish picture.

Anyway, in my head, I envisioned sewing these into a pattern of squares on their side (Would that be diamond-shaped?) and then covered with a lattice of chocolate brown ribbon to hide the spots where the square seams didn’t meet up 100%. Trust me, it was gorgeous on the baby quilt that I did. (I looked and looked for a picture of it, but can’t find a single one!)

Then the whole piece would be trimmed with some more of this…
Once again, the flash was weird. Sorry. Can you envision what I’m making? Pretty, right?

So here’s what happened…I bought all of the material and got all the squares cut. I even laid out the pattern of the squares and put them all in order. And then we got engaged…which was GREAT news! But between the wedding stuff starting and then moving in together about two months later and all of the packing/unpacking that a move like that involves, the quilt project got lost. Yes, you read that right, I lost all of my hard work.

But since I’m a slacker and all of my boxes weren’t unpacked at the time that I realized that it was lost, I didn’t worry too much. So a month passes…and then two months…and before I knew it, six months had gone by. I did search for the squares during these times, but I can be honest and say that I probably didn't look that hard. Before I knew it I looked up and realized that almost a year had passed without me seeing these beauties. The wedding happened, the honeymoon was over…and I really started looking for the squares. I got buoyed when I found the extra material…but no squares. Hmmm…and then, unbelievably a miracle occurred. I found the squares!

And yes, there WAS screaming, jumping up and down with joy and a small celebration of sorts around the living room when I uncovered them. And you might think that I immediately went to work on it…but not so much. I was newly pregnant and didn’t have the energy. I did re-organize and get the pattern re-established and in a more useable manner. But that was it.

Until last week…when I realized that I am a Projects Whore and PWA (Project Whores Anonymous) was formed. I had new projects in mind, but decided that I needed to make some progress on these older projects first. So that’s exactly what I did. I put my nose to the grindstone and worked like a DOG on it. It turns out that my hard work paid off – in less than a week of working on it again, here’s what I had…
Do you sort of see the ugly comforter underneath it! Yuck!

What do you think?
Do you like how it came together? Brent and I really like it…the next step is to do the ribbon-lattice part, which means stopping and buying the actual ribbon. In the meantime, I can work on my red/white and denim project, right?!?! Right!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I “Might” Be A Project Whore…

I guarantee you that my Mom laughed at that title! Love you, Mom!!!

You see…I have a problem. And since the first step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have a problem, I feel like I’m making progress. I don’t think that it’s a really bad problem…but maybe that’s just me and part of the whole overall problem. You know like when alcoholics say that they don’t have a problem when everyone else can CLEARLY see that they have a problem? Yeah, I might need to start a PWA group (Project Whores Anonymous)…we’d need to have meetings and form support groups and stuff. And I’m not knocking AA and groups like that…they do help people. I’m just thinking that I should start my own group – want to join?

I think that it starts with the wedding…SO much inspiration…so many cutesy projects that you can do. Just project overload. Then it’s settling into your new home as a married couple, finding your style and decorating and such. Curtains need to be made, painting needs to be done, and if you have a crafty hubby – tile needs to be laid. What was that, honey? You don’t know how to do that? Oh, well, I think that they offer classes at Lowe’s…smoochies! Love you! Thank you so much!

But like I was saying, acknowledging that you might have a problem is a step in the right direction. Here’s my problem: I’m really good at envisioning things that I can make and do and all. I’m even really good at finding the materials (sometimes on sale!) and gathering them all up. I can even manage to get started and do the first few steps…and that’s where my grand master plan falls apart. Somewhere between step #4 and completion…I get Project A.D.D. or something and get side-tracked. Usually for good reasons. But no matter if the reasons are good or lame, the project stalls and then before I know it…time passes. And the project gathers dust. Or is forgotten completely.

These are all things that I realized last week…after spending $40 on new fabric for a few things that are buzzing around my brain to be all crafty with right now. as I unload my purchases and start to wash the fabric (it MUST be washed before sewn!) B gently (or bravely?!?) points out to me that I have fabric already. What do I need more for? As I share what I’m planning on doing with him, he just sort of smiles at me and says ok. But this is a look that I’ve come to know. It’s directed at me and usually means more than just ok.

As I sit and ponder what he could POSSIBLY be implying…it hits me. I’m a project whore. I move from one project to the next with ease and serenity…sometimes finishing things up and sometimes not. There’s always something else to focus on…the grass is always greener and so forth. You get the idea, right?

Since the washing machine was already started, I finished that task, but when the material was all washed and dried, I forced myself to fold it and put it aside. I did NOT immediately start sketching out the new pattern in my head. I did NOT cut any of the material out to take along with me as I collect the remaining pieces needed to finish it. I have not spent more money on these projects on my head. I decided that I needed to finish up some other sewing projects first.

OK, so maybe I decided to finish up ONE project…baby steps, people!

And you know what? After less than one week…ONE WEEK ladies!...I got finished with a big project. Or at least more on my way to being finished. I at least made enough progress towards finishing that I could justify cutting out a pattern for the project that’s been fermenting in my creative brain for the past week. Seven little bitty days made a big difference.

It should show me what determination can do for a person. Or what withholding a prize can do to motivate a child…because that’s what I am. A child. Who needs to be bribed and scheduled to finish her work…don’t expect miracles, but progress is nice.

So you want to see what I’m talking about? Do you want the new or the old? I have pictures of both because I’m cool like that…

Here’s the new project as a teaser…then I’ll explain more about the old project tomorrow. And maybe posting about my progress will make me more accountable? Maybe you ladies can hold me to my tasks by asking me how things are going? Maybe…don’t worry though, I won’t bite and get mad when you “gently” remind me that there are other things to be working on, I promise!

So here’s my new project…
Well, that’s at least the material that my new project will take shape in…I can’t WAIT to start on it! I cut the pieces out last night…but I have to set another new goal with the old project to finish some step before I can let myself work too much on this one! Help keep me strong!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fashion Guidelines for the Masses...

Is it just me, or do you walk around town shopping/running errands with this thought in your head…

Do people not use the mirrors that the store provides in dressing rooms? Or do they not use the mirrors that are SURELY installed in their houses to check out their choice in wardrobe before leaving said house?

It’s got to be one of the two problems…they’re either shopping at places that don’t provide mirrors in the dressing rooms, and they don’t have good enough friends to take along with them to tell them how they really look. Or they simply choose not to utilize the mirrors that must be in their house.

I mean, I get it. By some strange coincidence you might not have a mirror in your bedroom…but if you own (or even rent) your house there IS a mirror in most bathrooms. At least in most of the houses that I’ve been in…maybe I’m in the wrong neighborhood? Or maybe they do take a friend with them shopping, but the friends that they take with them aren’t really their friends and they are giving them bad fashion advice. Because they for sure are NOT telling these women how they really look!

I can understand when I see a dude on the street dressed oddly…and I know that I live in Austin, TX (weird capitol of the state!)…and I really don’t give a second thought to guys that are dressed funny. Most of them don’t have a sense of fashion or taste…and half of them are color blind to add another problem to their already full plate. But women?!?! Really?!?!?

I need to take some lessons from this lady about how to take pictures with my phone…I could provide you with laughs all day long. I mean, just yesterday when I went to lunch I saw a woman wearing something that a) went out of style 10 years ago and b) was about 4 sizes too small for her current weight.

And don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to say that I’m better than anyone else out there. I’ve made more than my share of fashion mistakes along the path of my 33 years…truly, I have. And I’m not always in the best shape that I could be…especially now with a bowling ball tucked up nice and neat under my shirt…but still I use common sense. I mean, even my very WORST fashion faux pas doesn’t hold a candle to some of the things that I’ve seen.

Here’s some tips for those that might be reading this and wondering if I’ve seen you out and about in Austin:

1) Spandex is NOT flattering. Unless you’re smaller than size 4. Seriously, take that rule to heart people. And just because you’re riding a bicycle around town does NOT mean that you HAVE to wear spandex.

2) Clothes that were in style when you were in high school are more than likely NOT appropriate to still be wearing to your 15 year reunion. Yes, fashion is cyclical and does come back around…but it takes at LEAST 20-30 years…and it’s not exactly the same…take bell bottoms for example. They came back as “boot cut” jeans…similar but different.

3) If you have to lay down or get outside help (for any reason other than you can’t reach the back zipper) to fasten/zip the pants/dress…it’s TOO tight. Buy a girdle or a larger size. Trust me on this…someone else will thank me.

4) Similar to Rule #3 - If you slip on a shirt/dress/pants and can actually look down and see the seams bulging or the T-shirt material looks wavy, then that means that the fabric is being stretched beyond a point where it’s supposed to be stretched. Once again, buy a larger size or try to stretch the one that you own out a little bit.

5) Also related to Rules #3 and #4 - If you wear the item of clothing all day (and it doesn’t bust by some miracle) and you remove the item that night and the red marks where it was cut into your skin are STILL THERE the next morning…you might need a larger size. I’m just saying. I get red marks too from some of pants right along the waistline…but they typically fade within the HOUR of removing the pants…they’re not still there the next day.

6) If you are over the age of 35…seriously consider shopping somewhere other than the juniors department…trust me, your teenager daughter WILL thank you one day. It might be sort of cool to “share” clothes with your daughter, but you need to keep in mind what your age should “allow” you to wear. And unless you have the body of a seriously hot movie star, this rule especially applies to shirts that show your belly.

7) If it rolls…it should NOT show. That one is simple and pretty self-explanatory.

I’m sure that I have more somewhere…I’ll have to think about this more…these just came to me after seeing that one woman at Sam’s. You know who you are…even if I wasn’t brave enough to try to snag a picture of you!

And please don’t hear me being all judgmental on people, I’m just trying to help. Really I am. And I’m not one of those people that think that now that you’re a Mom you have to dress a certain way…I’m seriously not. There are a lot of HOT Moms out there who can rock some seriously cool looks…including things that come from the junior department…but they’re usually the exception, not the rule. I hope to still be able to carry off some cool looks after having this second child…I’m crossing ALL fingers and toes that it will happen that way.

But if it doesn’t…and you happen to catch me on your phone camera wearing something that I shouldn’t be…PLEASE email me and let me know! I don’t want to walk around in ignorance. Email the pics to me here…I promise that I’ll take them to heart!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celebration Time!

You want to know how I celebrated being done with my big, bad glucose test? Do you really want to see?

OK, I'll show you...
Yep, a chocolate milkshake, homemade with shopped cream on top and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Loaded with sugar. Loaded with calories.

Luckily, Brent was there to share it with me! It might not have been the BEST idea to have it right before it was time to cook/eat dinner, but oh well.
And, MIGHT have been better than my Dairy Palace shake! I know, I know. I feel like a traitor even typing that...but it was THAT good!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day

I hope that your Mother’s Day was as wonderful as mine was! I would love to say that I spent the day away at a spa, relaxing and being pampered and served on a silver platter…but that would be a little “far-fetched” and my day was absolutely perfect as it was! Even if there was no room service or drinks by the pool!

I was instructed to STAY upstairs until I was called for, so I put on some comfy pjs to lounge in. Did you know that comfy pjs can cure almost anything? I was feeling kinda yucky and head-achy when I woke up, so spending the morning relaxing sounded perfect!

When I got downstairs, this is what I saw…
And yes, it is taller than I am! Not only did I get the world’s largest balloon bouquet for Mother’s Day, but I got some sweet cards (Brent’s made me cry!) and a beautiful potted plant.
It’s purple calla lilies…some of my favorite flowers, and Brent was thoughtful enough to get them in a potted version so that we could plant them in our flower beds outside. Of course, that means that he has to re-do the flower beds outside…but that’s just another one of those items on his “honey do” list!
Then, I was going to have breakfast cooked for me, but then we realized that everyone wanted MY French toast, and since it’s mine, and I don’t measure how I do it…I had to make it. But I mixed up the batter and made the first few pieces and then got to sit down and eat while Brent finished serving everyone else, which was a nice change of pace. Then, the kids did the dishes…which doesn’t mean that they put them in the dishwasher (I still did that) but they did rinse them off and get them ready to load and clear off the table, putting all the syrups and sugars back up.

Brent headed off to work, after threatening the kiddos with loss of life/limb if they bothered me too much during his 6-hour shift…and I had Complete. Control. Of. The. Remote.

Yeah, you read that right.

Not only that, but the kids went outside to play since I wasn’t feeling great…tired and head-achy and gave me some peace and quiet. Of course, I still had the little one inside me doing cartwheels (which are starting to catch me in the ribs every once in a while now!) to deal with, but luckily once I got settled in and comfy, then he did too. And it must have been a red-letter day because before they went outside to play, the kids gave our inside dog, Penny, a bath and that left me with a “snuggle buddy” who was more than happy to oblige!

After resting for a few hours (until lunchtime) my head was much better, and I was feeling more normal. The kids were great, coming in and out and trying to stay quiet and fetching me whatever I might need. Since I felt better, I decided that I would like nothing better than to spend the afternoon sewing and finishing up some projects.

You see, I’ve got a few new projects bumping around in my head right now…but I feel guilty starting on them when I’ve got other things that are NOT finished yet! So I made a LOT of progress on our bedspread (that I’ve been working on for nearly two years now) and our wedding quilt pieces. I promise to show you some sneak peeks later this week!

The icing on my Mother’s Day cake came later that afternoon when Brent was able to get off of work early. We relaxed together and did a whole lot of nothing. Then to make up for me having to cook my own breakfast, he took charge of dinner. He almost made the whole thing himself, with just a few minor tweaks and suggestions from me…but it was really nice to just be an observer, not the worker! When it was time to eat, I was ordered to the table which Jenna had already set, and I was served! We finished off the dinner with some yummy strawberry shortcake that Jenna and I put together…yum yum.

It was a GREAT day, and I just hope that all of the other Moms out there had as great a day as I did!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the mothers out there...those who are mothers...those who want to be mothers...and those who help out and lend a hand to mothers (earning an honorary Mother badge)...those who have little ones at home...those who's little ones aren't so "little" anymore, but they'll always be your baby...

Have a GREAT Mother's Day!

And a special thanks to all of my mothers...because sometimes it takes more than one! Some lucky people get to have many "mothers" in their lives...and I'm blessed in that area.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Twenty Eight Weeks months already? Time flies and all...there are a lot of days when I look up and say “Really? I’m already at 7 months?!?!?” And then there are the rest of the days...just kidding. I’m enjoying this pregnancy, and for the most part can’t complain!

At twenty-eight weeks, says that Jax weighs 2.25 pounds now (about the size of a Chinese cabbage) and measures 14.8 inches from the top of his head to his heels. He can open and close his eyes, which now have lashes on them.


I had my BIG glucose test today…that’s a story all on it’s own…let’s sum it all up by saying that I wanted to slap the nurse, but knew that I couldn’t since she would be the one wielding sharp objects at me an hour later. Maybe I’ll post all about it another time. Right now, I’m pooped. Getting labwork done is NOT an easy thing for me, and this time was no different.

On the weight front, since I had my appt today at the same time, I was able to weigh in and see the doctor. You’ll be happy to know that I gained 5 pounds in the last month! The Dr was VERY happy to see that. As you can see from my chart below, my weight gain is still on the low side, but the Dr isn’t long as I’m finally gaining, she’s happy! I kind of thought with my increased appetite that the gain for this month would be a little bit more of a gain...but I’m happy with less. Who wouldn’t be? Everything else looked good. She did two new things this time…she measured my bump – I measured in at 29” from top to bottom, which she assured me is right on target. And she moved me to bi-monthly appointments, so I start seeing her once every two weeks for the next two months! That’s such a big step! Even Brent understands that this means that our time is drawing closer – he got ALL excited!

We don’t have another sonogram until 32 weeks, so no new pictures to share with you. Other than my belly pics, that is! Check out my growth this week...

And I got some comments about readers liking the frontal shot, so here’s another one of those...

All in all, Dr and I are happy with my progression…as long as that dang glucose test comes back ok! I definitely do NOT want to do the 3-hour test…not after the experience that today was!

Weight? 5 lb gain – marking a total of 9 poundsStretch marks? None yet. Starting to feel really tight though

Belly Button – innie/outie? I can honestly say that it’s BARELY an innie! In fact, when I laugh it’s an outie…and you can see the bump out starting through my shirts…so it’s almost an outie.

Movement? Lots and lots! Still mostly on the right side…and some of them are starting to carry some “oomph!” to them.

Swelling? Not really. My fingers sometimes when it’s really hot outside and I’m doing stuff…but as soon as I cool down it passes.

Contractions/Signs of Labor? None.

Other Issues? This waking up in the middle of the night to pee is starting to get annoying…especially when I can’t go back to sleep after the 3-4am pee break!

It's been a good week...tiring after my travels this past weekend, but a good week none-the-less. After a few nights of not sleeping well, I slept until 5:45am this morning, which was LATE for me! Especially lately. Looking forward to taking it easy this weekend, working on some sewing projects, cleaning up the house (yes, I'm looking forward to that!) and spending some time with my little ones on Mother's Day...Brent's been shopping around for a few days now, and I'm under VERY specific instructions to stay out of one particular room in our house...the penalties will be great if I don't obey the "rules" so I'm being good.

If you have any other questions for me…feel free to ask!

Now I have to let you go so that I can go to the bathroom…again…this is a steady routine these days!

Friday, May 7, 2010

STOP the Presses!

I have TWO very important announcements to make…I know that you’re all just on the edge of your seat reading at your computer desk at home…because I know that you don’t surf the web at work! LOL!

I’ve gotten a couple of questions about Ziggy’s real name…and I wasn’t really sure how to address them yet. So, even though we decided on his name a few weeks ago, I took a few days to think about things before deciding how I wanted to handle it all. You see, the dilemma comes from B’s initial reaction to me starting to blog back when we were first engaged.

On the one hand, blogging provided me with an outlet and sounding board (other than him!) on all wedding-related decisions…which he appreciated. On the other hand, having people know our names and where we lived and all was sort of creepy to the both of us. But after more than a year of blogging and having this outlet, B realizes how important it is to me. Not only to my sanity, but to me overall. So when I questioned him about whether he would want me to release Ziggy’s name on this blog or let him remain Ziggy forever in blogdom…he was quick to say that he didn’t have a preference.

This changed some things for me…I mean, how do I tell you one of our names without releasing ALL of them? Does that make sense? Here you would know Ziggy’s real name, but I would still just be S? Nope, that doesn’t work for me…so I’d like to introduce our little family…and this isn’t shocking for most of my readers, since mainly you’re family and friends that know us anyway! But bear with me.

Say hello to Sandy and Brent!
And we’re only slightly cuter and more adorable than our kiddos, Tanner and Jenna…
(Yes, those are old pictures, but I can’t find my newer ones…maybe because I didn’t upload them anywhere?)

Even though I can’t actually introduce you to little baby boy yet…other than putting our sonograms back on here…please allow me to introduce:

Jaxon Paul
Whew! That was a big one. Picking out a name for a baby is usually hard for most people…I mean, what if they hate it? Or they’re not really a Suzie? Or Joseph? What do you do if your child wants to change his/her name at a young age? (Don’t laugh, my BIL actually changed his name at 4 years old. Not because of adoption or anything. He changed his first name!) I got lucky with Jenna…there is no other name that would fit her personality. It’s just a perfect match, so I’m hoping that the same thing happens with Jaxon.

Man, it feels weird to type that instead of Ziggy. You’ll forgive me if I go all pregnant-mommie-to-be-brain on you every once in a while and accidentally still refer to him as Ziggy!

As far as the second announcement goes, we have successfully agreed and selected ONE bedding set for Jaxon’s room! Yep, I said it. I know that I was slightly obsessed with this topic a few weeks ago, so forgive me, please. After looking at our options a few times (try 100,347 to be exact) and making a decision, last night we finalized it all. And then today I sealed the deal and sent the website link to my step-mother who is purchasing the set for us. So it’s a done deal.

Allow me to show you my new nursery décor…

Well, that’s not my nursery…that’s the stock photo from here…but you get the drift.

Are you shocked? I know YOU are Mom! Pick up your chin and shut your mouth – you’re lettin’ flies in! (Isn’t that what you always told me growing up?)

I know what you’re thinking…“But Sandy, you told us that Brent didn’t want anything to do with a nursery set that included animals in it.” And you would be right. He didn’t want animals. But after going back and forth with the other two or three choices that we’d narrowed it down to, and looking at them side by side…he could clearly see that I was right. This was probably my favorite set all along…but the animals in it threw it out of the running almost immediately after I showed it to him.

But pointing out the tones of the colors, the different patterns involved, instead of just monochromatic solid colors…all of that sort of sold him on the idea. And he’s come around to embracing the monkey inside of himself…we all have one! It might have also helped that the animals are minimal, and limited to only three in number, and not too “cartoony” looking. (Yes, that’s a word)

So what do you think? Cute name and cute bedding choice? I think so. I can’t wait to start getting all of the items together and seeing it in our house…mentioning which, I guess that means that I had better get to work on the nursery, huh? Details, details…

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Discomfort May Serve a Purpose...

Last night, the coolest thing happened. I was just out of my nightly bubble bath (yes, I take those!) and Ziggy was doing his moving and shaking thing…and I was really, really uncomfortable. I got into bed and laid on my back, settling in to watch some TV before going to sleep…hoping against all odds that Ziggy would find a better “spot” and grant me some relief. (He’s been really in weird spots the last few nights and it’s almost been hard to sit in a chair and breathe correctly or something.)

Anyway, I reached down to rub my Budda belly and I felt something hard. Certain that I was mistaken, I moved my hand over a couple of inches to the left (back towards the middle of my belly) and sure enough, nothing but squishiness. Intrigued now, I moved my hand back over to the right and there was a hard shape there just below the surface of my belly.

Yes, in reality I know that it’s not right below my belly, but you know what I mean, right?

It was a body part. A little baby boy body part. I was convinced at first that it was his head, since there was movement going on further down after I poked around on his head for a while…but then later I decided that maybe it was his little rump that I was feeling. I’m really not sure, but I was able to follow his body along my belly laying diagonal.

If I’m right and it was his head that was lower, then maybe the discomfort that I’ve been experiencing especially bad the last few days has been him turning. I think that or The Bump indicated in the weekly updates that they send out that it was around now when the baby would start to turn and stay in a downward pointing position…which still seems early if you ask me. I mean, I’m only 28 weeks…that’s 12 more weeks to go upside-down, but whatever. I’m not the expert. And I could be wrong, but that sort of makes sense to me.
I called out to B and he came over and was immediately like “Whoa! What’s that?!?” It was neat to experience more than just bumps and kicks…even though those are still amazing too!

If you’re currently pregnant or have been pregnant in the past, could you distinguish body parts? I don’t remember being able to do that really well with my daughter…but maybe I’m just getting old and can’t remember! I’d be interested to see if others can tell the difference between a rump and a head…I’m not sure that I’m very clear at all!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My First Craigslist Experience...

I think that I’ve mentioned a time or two that I was starting to search around on Craigslist local boards to find any of my registry items that were in a “gently used” condition. Maybe I mentioned it…or maybe I just think that I mentioned it because I’ve been thinking about mentioning it but with my pregnant brain, I forgot. It could go either way…I’m just saying.

So anyway, I was telling Maid Britney about my plan, and she thought that it was a great idea. Other blogger moms have had great success with this, so I thought that it was worth a shot. Maid Britney was even nice enough to suggest that I extend my searches to Dallas and she would be more than willing to meet up with a seller on my behalf and collect the item for me and meet up with me later. Awesome!

Well, after a few near misses on bumbo seats and changing tables, I found my play yard. I really wasn’t expecting to see my travel system, play yard or swing on Craigslist anywhere since they all seem to be newer models, but one day a few weeks ago there was an ad for the exact play yard that we’d picked out for half the price! I was ecstatic and immediately contacted the seller regarding the ad. Yet, like so many other times in the past few days, I began to get discouraged when an hour went by…and then two hours. By the time that I got home that night and was telling B all about it, I told him that I guessed the lady didn’t still have the item, since she hadn’t contacted me back yet.

And wouldn’t you know that my cell phone would ding at me at that moment, telling me that I had a new email message. It was the seller, saying that she still had the item and would be more than willing to work with my friend. GREAT! I forwarded her contact information on to Maid Britney and let them work out the details. That was on a Friday night, so I waited patiently all weekend long to hear how it went. But the weekend came and went and I didn’t hear anything…so, me being the patient person that I am, contacted Maid Britney first thing Monday morning (regardless of the hour) to see what happened.

As it turned out, they had not been able to meet up yet. Apparently, the seller was sort of “sporadic” about checking her email (on her iPhone) and getting back with people. They had gone back and forth and decided to meet on Sunday…and then the seller didn’t ever contact Maid Britney back about the time. So no meet. I told Maid Britney that she could contact her again, if she wanted, but as far as I was concerned she had done all that she could to make this happen and I would keep looking.

And don’t you know that’s when it all works out? The seller was able to meet with Maid Britney the next day, and she didn’t get stabbed, raped or taken advantage of in any way…cut me some slack – this was my first Craigslist experience and after all the headaches that we’d had getting in touch with them and getting together with them, you just never know. You know? Am I alone in this or what? I made her keep her cell phone on the whole time that she met with him to make the exchange so that I could call 9-1-1 if needed…a little overkill maybe, but possibly we were just playing it safe!

Everything went well, and Maid Britney brought the play yard with her to my Mom’s house this past weekend. After a LONG day of shopping, I decided to put the thing together and check it all out. Here’s what we got…
As you can see, J was really interested in helping us put it all together…
The good news? I like the play yard a lot. It was pretty easy to set up, even if a few of the steps didn’t make much sense. It was also easy to take down, so bonus points! And the mattress in it with as thick as I remembered, which is a good thing.

The bad news? The play yard that was advertised as never being used (since her baby girl didn’t like to not be held) or maybe being used once or twice was actually missing some pieces. It was supposed to come with 5 animals that hang from the “mobile” and there were only 2 in the bag. The remote was also missing. Not big things, but still.

I tried to turn on the music/light/vibration thingy and that didn’t work either. I assumed that it probably just needed new batteries, and went to check that out before I sent the seller an email asking about the missing pieces. It turns out that one of the batteries in there had busted and leaked battery acid all over the place. I removed the batteries and my step-dad thinks that B can clean up the remaining battery-acid-powder-gunk and put new batteries in and it will be fine. We’ll see.

All in all, this was a good deal, I think. I contacted the seller about the missing animals/remote and she was going to look for them. She knew where the animals were, but was going to have to hunt for the remote…so maybe I’ll get them and maybe I won’t. I tried to check online at the Chicco website to see if I can order just those parts, but I couldn’t find much information. The best that I could find was a 1-800 number to Customer Service to call and order replacement parts. So we’ll see…I’ve got some time to wait for the seller to return the parts or decide what else I’d like to do.

Have you ordered stuff off of Craigslist? How did that go for you? and more importantly, do you think that she’ll actually send me the items???

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Weekend at Canton!

Goodness, I’ve been SO busy at work with month-end close stuff, that I didn’t realize that it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything. That and I’ve been recovering from my weekend! Shopping is hard work, girls, let me tell you…especially when you’re doing it at almost 7 months pregnant and it’s not an indoor mall.

For those of you that might be familiar with it…this is where I went last weekend.

That’s right First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX. The best little shopping place on earth, in my opinion. (Although I might not think that in July or August!) It’s an open-air market where you can find almost anything…most of it being related to home décor and clothing items. But there were a few vendors selling custom baby bedding options (which I wanted to check out) and lots and lots of monogrammed and personalized blankets, tutus, clothes and assorted goods for babies/kids. It was a pregnant woman’s dream shopping place!

I saw lots of cute things…but unfortunately most of it ran more towards girlie items than things for boys. Oh well…I did find two vendors who did custom crib bedding, but the expense was just too much to justify in my mind. It was all VERY cute (once again, more geared towards girls than boys) and there was one place that I really, really liked. They had material swatches and you could pretty much mix and match and design your own bedding…but I couldn’t justify the expense. If you are interested, here’s their website.

But even if I didn’t find any custom bedding or clothes for little baby boy…
As you can see, we did plenty of damage none-the-less. I took MOH along with me and we met up with Maid Britney and all spent the weekend at my Mom’s house – thanks Mom! We had SO much fun…even though J complained a bit about the amount of walking that we had to do while shopping. Yes, she was ready to leave around lunchtime…but perked right up after lunch when she got into the mood of things by looking for Grammy to buy her a “special present” while we were there!

We had a blast…even if I was exhausted and sore the next day. It was a long drive, but we’re determined to make this an annual or maybe even a semi-annual trip.

Here’s some of the other stuff that we got…MOH’s cross…
Mom’s wreath for her front door…
From Canton Weekend
And just to show that Ziggy didn’t come home empty-handed (even if I didn’t get the bedding!), my Mom “Grammy” got him his first blankie…
And J’s lollipop (this sums up our food consumption for the weekend!)…
We ate SO much junk food that I know Ziggy was enjoying things down there – I mean, what pregnant lady can turn down a funnel cake at 10:30 in the morning? Not this one! Little J liked it too! Between the funnel cake, donuts for breakfast, chocolate milk shake later, and ice cream sandwich pie for dessert that night…I think that my turkey sandwich for dinner that night was the most healthy thing that I ate all weekend! We topped off the weekend with pizza rolls from my favorite hometown pizzeria…yummy!

Now I just have to “be good” for the rest of this week as that dreaded glucose test is hanging over my head on Friday! Plus, with all that junk, and the expansion that my stomach has undergone in the last two weeks…I can’t wait to see how much weight I’ve put on since last month. Really, I can wait…I’m being sarcastic! As long as Ziggy’s still healthy and happy – that’s the most important thing.

It was great spending time with my favorite women…eating junk food…shopping…gossiping…and looking at all kinds of baby things! We even made some headway on planning the baby shower that these girls are throwing me in June so it was a productive weekend all around.

Now if I could just recover!

I’ll leave you with a picture of a flower that I’ve never seen before, but they were growing on the fence along my Mom’s driveway – MOH called them passion flowers. Check these out…
Aren’t they beautiful? You pick it and float it in a shallow bowl of water…but enjoy it while you can, since the bloom is only good for 24 hours after being plucked. They are so unique, and they smell SO good! I didn’t try to bring any home with me, but I wanted to!