Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Crazy Dreams...

I seem to remember that I dreamt a lot when I was pregnant with my daughter, which is odd for me. It’s not that I don’t dream, I’m sure that I do – I just don’t happen to normally remember those dreams. It’s a rare occasion in my house when I wake up remembering what I dreamt about. Often, I’ll remember that I had a dream and I can maybe pick out bits and pieces, but never the whole thing and very rarely enough for it to make any kind of sense what-so-ever. But I seem to remember dreaming a lot (and remembering those dreams) when I was pregnant the last time.

And for whatever reason, I seem to think that a lot of my pregnant dreams revolved around my teeth.

Now, to be fair, I never said that they were normal dreams! J LOL.

So I’ve had two crazy dreams so far during this pregnancy. I meant to write about the first one (which involved me having great, big brown gaps where my teeth should have been in my mouth), but I ran out of energy during those nights two weeks ago and that post never got written. But I had another crazy dream last night, and I thought that I’d share. And maybe see if other women have heard (or experienced) crazy dreams during pregnancy, because surely I’m not the only one!

So I had this dream last night that B had a parent-teacher conference with his son’s teacher at the school. Being a good step-mom (or trying to be) I don’t typically opt to go with him to these things, choosing to let T’s mother and B work it out themselves. But this time, I decided to ride along with him because I had heard about a spa that opened right next door to T’s school and I wanted to go and get a prenatal massage. No, nothing is hurting or bothering me yet, but I’ve talked to other moms and they say that this is just the BEST thing during pregnancy, and I’m anxious to try!

B goes off into T’s school to do his thing, and I walk into the spa and see about doing a walk-in appointment. I should have known right off the bat that something was wrong with this place because they took me right back...I mean, no one walks into a spa and gets a massage right then and there, right? But since it’s a dream, I was able to get right in. Before I can lay down on the massage table, the girl steers me towards a beauty chair (like at the hair salon) and tells me to sit down. I start trying to talk to her and explain that I just want the pregnancy massage, but she immediately starts looking at my hair and telling me that I really need a trim.

**This is a deep-seeded fear of mine. Bad ends on my hair. I have known ever since the wedding that I am needing a trim, but haven’t made the time to make it happen yet. This dream is what I get for putting these things off!

Before I know it, she’s talked me into a trim first before my massage and brings in another lady to help her with it. They start conferring amongst themselves about what to do –apparently my hair was THAT bad – and I’m left out of the loop. I try to interject that I really just need a few inches cut off, but that I’d like to keep the length and they pretty much ignore me. Before I know what’s happening, they’ve got their scissors out and have wet my hair and are starting to cut. Once again, I try to stop them and tell them that they’re cutting too much off, but I have no luck getting their attention.

Then the B*tch cuts off my hair in one cut. Above my shoulders. My hair is halfway down my back, so this is a lot!

I’m shocked and appalled and immediately start to yell and scream that she’s crazy and all, and the manager comes in. It’s a guy. Why would a guy manage a spa in the first place, he doesn’t know anything! But whatever. He tries to calm me down, and tells me that they’ll fix everything, but I know that it’s too late. Eventually, I agree to let them try because it can’t get any worse, right?

Wrong. The next thing I know, they’re cutting more hair off, and I end up with a do like Alice in the Twilight/New Moon movies. Now, I love Alice’s hair. It’s so very cute. On HER. This is not a hairstyle that I can pull off.

So, needless to say that I’m furious. I start yelling and screaming and throwing a whole tantrum in the spa, demanding that there be no charge since all I really wanted was a massage in the first place, not a hair cut. Anyway, to make a long story short, it got ugly. I really wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I was actually cursing out loud in my sleep. These people were clearly crazy and I needed to leave. I escaped the spa and ran next down to the school. I tried to hide, but they found me and it got uglier again.

At some point, I got away in a helicopter...not really sure how that happened or why...but that’s how dreams go, right?

I actually checked my hair when I woke up. It was that real to me. Anyone else have crazy dreams like this? Does it have something to do with the amount of hormones found in your body while pregnant that make you dream vividly when you normally don’t? I’d be really curious to find out...

Until then, I’m either going to avoid all hair salons “just in case” or I’ll call my regular girl up today and schedule the trim that I know that I need to prevent this from actually’s really a coin toss on which way that I go!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Eight Weeks

Man, the time is just FLYING by right now. Do you think that it’s because of the crazy busy holiday season, or am I just getting to that age where time flies by? I don’t want to be there yet...I’d like to savor this time a little better. Well, to be perfectly honest, I’d like to skip this stage of pregnancy and get to the part where I have energy again. You know, enough energy to stay awake past 9 o’clock...LOL!

So here I am in week eight. According to my weekly updates from my baby is now about 5/8 of an inch long, which would put it right at the size of a kidney bean. Since the hands and feet made an appearance last week, there are webbed fingers and toes this week, along with eyelids covering his/her eyes. Its little lungs are developing and its “tail” is almost gone. There are now elbows and knees, and the arms and legs can bend at these joints. At the brain, nerve cells are branching out to connect with each other, forming the first neural pathways.

That’s a lot going on, huh? That’s good to hear, because I feel like I’ve grown a little more this week and I feel better about that growth knowing that SO much is going on down there right now. I don’t know why, but it does make me feel better. does warn me that my bra might be getting snug and I will probably experience fatigue this week...ya think so? I’m headed towards bed earlier and earlier each night, and it’s getting so comical that B is really starting to make fun of me! I was amazed and made it through a movie this weekend...which meant that I didn’t go to bed until almost 11! That was a late night for me lately. It just kills me since 11 used to be my normal weekly bedtime...

So here are the belly shots for this week. There’s a little less room in those pants if you ask me!
See how I'm starting to round out a bit?

Our other excitement for the week was going in for our first doctor’s appt. This was a new doctor for me, and a first time experience for B – he wasn’t really sure about staying in the room during the whole appointment, but he was a trooper and did great! We did get to do a sonogram while we were there, which was SO cool (I didn’t get to see my daughter at this early stage) and you could actually see the heart beating. The Dr turned the sound on so that we could hear the heartbeat, and that’s all that B has talked about the rest of the week! We really liked our choice in Dr and feel completely comfortable going forward that she’s going to take excellent care of me throughout my pregnancy. She gave me my marching instructions, and doesn’t see me again for 6 weeks.
I'm trying to get the sonogram pics uploaded, but blogger doesn't like my file format...I'll keep working on it and post the pics of our "peanut" soon!

That’s about it for this week. Hopefully after the madness of this week things will slow down, my energy level will spike back up and I’ll be able to work on this blog a little bit more. My project at work got delayed a bit, so that should free up some mental capacities for blogging at the least! Until next time...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Busy Weekend...

While our weekend was jam-packed...and my week is flying by with a big work project (evidenced by the fact that it took me three days to get this picture off of my camera and onto my blog!)...we did make time for a trip here:
Yep, Babies R Us. The first time or two that B asked if we could go and visit, I was really hesitant to do so. Mainly because it's SO early in our pregnancy. But I can't say no to that face for long, so while we were out doing some tree shopping on Saturday, we swung by our local BRU.

We found SO many things to play with...strollers, bouncy seats, swings, and I know that we were on the car seat aisle for AT LEAST an hour! People, it's not even time to focus on these things yet...why were we there for an hour?!?! Haha.

But we couldn't leave without making a purchase for our little one and here's what we got:
Yep, that's a generic Santa suit bought in a 3-6mo size for next year. It's not gender-specific, so it was perfect. Since J was along for the ride with us, she couldn't resist finding a toy that the baby (that she claims you can already tell I'm carrying!) would love, so we added it along to our purchase. At the register, they had the cutest ornament frames and we bought one on the off chance that at our first doctor's appt tomorrow we might be lucky enough to receive a printout of something that we could put in there and add to our tree.

Wait, who am I kidding? There are no ornaments on our tree AT ALL yet...I'm such a slacker! But the tree is up. And the skirt is around the bottom - thanks Mom! Just need to add the ornaments this weekend...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Seven Weeks

Today I enter my 7th week of pregnancy...231 days to go...I’m excited to make it this far and have experienced a LOT of changes this past week. Not so much in my size, but lots of changes in mood, personality and overall how I feel.

First, we’ll hear what has to say about this week. They tell me that my “baby” has doubled in size, although technically still in the embryo stage...the hands and feet are emerging from the developing arms and legs, although they don’t resemble arms and legs at this point! The tail is still visible right now (if you could see inside) but will disappear with a few weeks as that part develops into the end of the tail bone. My baby is the size of a blueberry, which is double the size of last week (which was a lentil bean, if you remember!).

As far as changes to my body, babycenter doesn’t really focus on anything other than the nausea that it claims 75% of pregnant women experience. From my own experience when I had my daughter, this was a constant presence with me, although if I remember right, it started about a week or two later for me the last time. And I didn’t have morning sickness, I had all day long I’m hoping to avoid that this time around. So far, it’s been touch and go. There have been a few days this past week where I have felt nauseous and experienced a loss of appetite, but for the most part I’m able to control it with saltine crackers and lemon drops.

Did you not know about lemon drops? I’ve had several people swear by them...and I’m not really sure how they work, other than it gives you something else to focus on other than how much your stomach is rolling! :)

The other thing that babycenter recommends for this week is making your first ob/gyn appointment. I’m one step ahead of you guys on that one...I don’t go until next week, but I’ve hopefully got my doctor and hospital all lined up. Yes, this is a new doctor for me, as I still travel down to San Antonio for my yearly checkups to see the Dr that delivered my daughter. It’s a little bit of a drive, but I loved him...and didn’t want the hassle of finding a new doctor until it was time. Well, now it’s time!

Babycenter, and many other blogs out there talk about the options that a woman has these days for her birth choices. While I don’t want to go into that whole debate right now...I really don’t have the energy...I will admit to being a hospital mommy. There is a brand new hospital built about 5 minutes away from our house, and I selected my OB/GYN based on the fact that she delivers at that hospital. Don’t hate on me, please. We each have our own thoughts and opinions about this process...I firmly believe that it should be about what YOU are most comfortable with, and this is my choice.

What babycenter doesn’t talk about? I’m tired. SO incredibly tired. I can’t even muster the energy to decorate my house for Christmas. Total Scrooge, I know. I’m going to do it this weekend, I promise, but I just don’t have the energy to do it after working all day. Even though I’m behind a desk all day long, not on my feet or anything, I’m pooped when I get home. B laughs at me because he claims that we’re getting into bed earlier and earlier each night...I think last night it was a record – 8:40pm. And I took a two-hour nap when I went home early from work! I’m crying more...dreaming more...a “little” more sensitive to be around some days...and my patience is stretched thin. I don’t attribute all of that to being pregnant, but I’m sure that it doesn’t help.

I’ve got a big project at work coming to a head (hopefully) at the first of the year, so I’m working non-stop between now and then and the stress level at work doesn’t help my mood much. I keep trying to tell B that I would be this moody even if I wasn’t prego, but I’m not sure that I believe me either! LOL.

Ok – here’s some belly shots for you...yes, I was too tired to take them last night, so I’m a day behind on posting this...forgive me please. If I remember right, this tired phase passes in another month or so...I really can’t wait for that day! See, not too much change. Don't get too excited about that bump you see...unfortately I already HAD that bump!
I've still got a little room in my pants, although some days it feels like that small space is rapidly a MUCH faster rate than I remember from before!

I’ve been really curious how my body will react to the second pregnancy. Does it remember what it was like and what it needs to do? Therefore, will I show earlier this time than last? Any experienced moms out there to answer that question for me? I feel like I’m bigger at this point now than I was at this same point in my first pregnancy...just wondering if I’m alone in that thought...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Six Weeks

Here is an update on where we are with our pregnancy. We’re officially 6 weeks along, and I’m feeling ok. I’ve had a few moments of stomach “unease” but other than that have experienced very few pregnancy symptoms thus far. Yes, my boobs are still sore, but getting better.

And I’m loving the fact that I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat! I’m that person that takes 30 minutes to fall asleep at bedtime each night, nearly hitting my dear hubby in the head because 2 minutes after we quit talking, he’s snoring! So I’m loving being able to drop off...of course, I could do with a little less weariness and dropping off during the middle of the day! J

I’m Six Weeks Pregnant, with 238 days to go.

This week’s major developments – The nose, mouth and ears are beginning to take shape. If I could see into my uterus, I would find an oversize head and dark spots where the eyes and nostrils are beginning to form. The ears are emerging and are marked by small depressions on the sides of the head. The arms and legs are just tiny protruding buds. The heart is beating about 100-160 times a minute, which is twice as fast as my own. The intestines are developing, and the bud of tissue that will form lungs has appeared.

Right now, my baby is a quarter of an inch long, about the size of a lentil bean.

As far as what I can expect from my body this week? Nothing new here...just a bit of moodiness will begin to descend. The update from actually tells me that I shouldn’t worry if it seems like I’ve developed a bit of a split personality – feeling moody one day and joyful the next. They even mention “ricocheting emotions” which kind of scares me...I mean, what female doesn’t have that normally? And it’s going to get worse?

Man, I hope that B really knows what he’s in for! Haha. Just kidding. Of course he does!

So here are the promised belly shots...this is me at 6 weeks. I took several, since I wasn't sure how to present's one with my pants at normal level...
Then one with my pants pulled down to show my "belly"
And then one to show what room I have left in my pants...for now...
Is it normal to already feel fat? I remember feeling that way around 7 or 8 months along last time...but not this early! Man, I guess it’s true what they say about your body remembering what to do the second time around...quite a scary thought for me!

Some Big News...

So, I’ve been kind of quiet this past week or two. Have you noticed? I don’t mean to neglect you all, but there has been a LOT going on...and I was waiting for my pictures to get here because I’d kind of run out of things to say.

Well, if you know me, you know that’s not true! I always have something to say...but in this case, I think that a picture will say it better:
What’s that? A pee stick? With a positive sign on it? Yep! We’re pregnant!!! We couldn’t be happier, and I’m feeling really good so far, even though it’s early still. I’ve known for about two weeks now, and even though I’ve really wanted to keep this one under wraps a little longer, it seems like everyone knows – which means that I can FINALLY share it with you!

To answer some questions that you might be thinking:
#1 – Yes, we were trying.
#2 – Yes, so soon after the wedding! B actually tried to talk me into trying BEFORE the wedding, but I put my foot down on that one. So instead, he went around telling all of our friends and family that he was going to get me pregnant on the honeymoon...turns out he did!
#3 – I’m officially 6 weeks along, so even if I would have rather waited to share until closer to that 12 week mark when you’re past the more dangerous zone of pregnancy, it just wasn’t in the cards for us to keep this one quiet.

We. Are. Thrilled. There’s just no other way to say it. Over the moon with joy might also work, but it’s a close second.

So, with that being said, let me introduce you to my new blog, A Mother...Again. I’ll be writing all baby-related posts on my new blog, so stop on by and check it out. I’ll follow the same format there as I did being a bride here – the changes that I’m going through, my thoughts and fears, decorating the nursery, and all the other stuff that goes along with a lovely little package of love. And yes, I’ll be doing the belly shots as I progress...just in case you’re wondering!

Since this is a new blog for me, please be patient as I get it all set up the way that I'd, I'm sleeping a LOT...which is to be expected, but it may take me longer than I'd like. Just a word of warning!

If you're new to this site, and you want to read about our road to get here, click here to read about our wedding...