Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Crazy Dreams...

I seem to remember that I dreamt a lot when I was pregnant with my daughter, which is odd for me. It’s not that I don’t dream, I’m sure that I do – I just don’t happen to normally remember those dreams. It’s a rare occasion in my house when I wake up remembering what I dreamt about. Often, I’ll remember that I had a dream and I can maybe pick out bits and pieces, but never the whole thing and very rarely enough for it to make any kind of sense what-so-ever. But I seem to remember dreaming a lot (and remembering those dreams) when I was pregnant the last time.

And for whatever reason, I seem to think that a lot of my pregnant dreams revolved around my teeth.

Now, to be fair, I never said that they were normal dreams! J LOL.

So I’ve had two crazy dreams so far during this pregnancy. I meant to write about the first one (which involved me having great, big brown gaps where my teeth should have been in my mouth), but I ran out of energy during those nights two weeks ago and that post never got written. But I had another crazy dream last night, and I thought that I’d share. And maybe see if other women have heard (or experienced) crazy dreams during pregnancy, because surely I’m not the only one!

So I had this dream last night that B had a parent-teacher conference with his son’s teacher at the school. Being a good step-mom (or trying to be) I don’t typically opt to go with him to these things, choosing to let T’s mother and B work it out themselves. But this time, I decided to ride along with him because I had heard about a spa that opened right next door to T’s school and I wanted to go and get a prenatal massage. No, nothing is hurting or bothering me yet, but I’ve talked to other moms and they say that this is just the BEST thing during pregnancy, and I’m anxious to try!

B goes off into T’s school to do his thing, and I walk into the spa and see about doing a walk-in appointment. I should have known right off the bat that something was wrong with this place because they took me right back...I mean, no one walks into a spa and gets a massage right then and there, right? But since it’s a dream, I was able to get right in. Before I can lay down on the massage table, the girl steers me towards a beauty chair (like at the hair salon) and tells me to sit down. I start trying to talk to her and explain that I just want the pregnancy massage, but she immediately starts looking at my hair and telling me that I really need a trim.

**This is a deep-seeded fear of mine. Bad ends on my hair. I have known ever since the wedding that I am needing a trim, but haven’t made the time to make it happen yet. This dream is what I get for putting these things off!

Before I know it, she’s talked me into a trim first before my massage and brings in another lady to help her with it. They start conferring amongst themselves about what to do –apparently my hair was THAT bad – and I’m left out of the loop. I try to interject that I really just need a few inches cut off, but that I’d like to keep the length and they pretty much ignore me. Before I know what’s happening, they’ve got their scissors out and have wet my hair and are starting to cut. Once again, I try to stop them and tell them that they’re cutting too much off, but I have no luck getting their attention.

Then the B*tch cuts off my hair in one cut. Above my shoulders. My hair is halfway down my back, so this is a lot!

I’m shocked and appalled and immediately start to yell and scream that she’s crazy and all, and the manager comes in. It’s a guy. Why would a guy manage a spa in the first place, he doesn’t know anything! But whatever. He tries to calm me down, and tells me that they’ll fix everything, but I know that it’s too late. Eventually, I agree to let them try because it can’t get any worse, right?

Wrong. The next thing I know, they’re cutting more hair off, and I end up with a do like Alice in the Twilight/New Moon movies. Now, I love Alice’s hair. It’s so very cute. On HER. This is not a hairstyle that I can pull off.

So, needless to say that I’m furious. I start yelling and screaming and throwing a whole tantrum in the spa, demanding that there be no charge since all I really wanted was a massage in the first place, not a hair cut. Anyway, to make a long story short, it got ugly. I really wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I was actually cursing out loud in my sleep. These people were clearly crazy and I needed to leave. I escaped the spa and ran next down to the school. I tried to hide, but they found me and it got uglier again.

At some point, I got away in a helicopter...not really sure how that happened or why...but that’s how dreams go, right?

I actually checked my hair when I woke up. It was that real to me. Anyone else have crazy dreams like this? Does it have something to do with the amount of hormones found in your body while pregnant that make you dream vividly when you normally don’t? I’d be really curious to find out...

Until then, I’m either going to avoid all hair salons “just in case” or I’ll call my regular girl up today and schedule the trim that I know that I need to prevent this from actually’s really a coin toss on which way that I go!

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