Monday, February 22, 2010

Silly Sundays

Back when I wrote on my wedding blog, there were lots of instances where I compared planning a wedding to being pregnant. They both do crazy things to your brain. I was more forgetful, had more “blonde” moments and was constantly losing track of things. I wrote about how much wedding planning was like being pregnant often. Or maybe that’s just me – if you planned your wedding with none of those mishaps, then more power to you. I might secretly hate you, but you probably won’t care too much!

Since this was a common theme for me, I thought that it would be “fun” to share some of my “greater” moments this week – yes, that’s fun for YOU, not so much for me. LOL. Let’s just say that I had three such events this week. Here they are in no particular order of importance:

Disclaimer: I can easily seeing that you might enjoy hearing about my crazy pregnant moments, so it’s entirely possible that this could become a weekly post!

I work on the 8th floor of an office building. The other day, when I was trying to leave the office for lunch, I punched the down button to call the elevator and then waited. When the elevator came, I stepped on and proceeded to punch the number 8 button. You know, to go down. Color me stumped when the elevator didn’t move, but dinged at me instead. Yeah, most people would have figured it out at that point (as I’ve often done in the past when I try to leave work with too much on my mind), but not this prego! Frustrated with the elevator “malfunction” I punched the 8 button again and then was amazed when the doors opened. Yeah. I finally figured it out and realized what a dumb-ass I was...luckily no one was around to witness. Except those security cameras that they keep on elevators...and now you all know about my silliness!

While taking care of our three doggies this week while my hubby was out of town, one of them got sick right in front of me one morning. The good news? It was on tile. The bad news? No one else is around to clean up the mess, which means that this pregnant woman had to do her best. Note to self - do NOT attempt to clean up doggie vomit while pregnant. Or at the very least, make sure that you have NOT eaten breakfast yourself yet when this happens. You will lose said breakfast. This is the first time that I've thrown up during this pregnancy. I've had extreme nausea and even gagged/dry heaved a number of times (too many to count) but have not actually lost a meal...until this past week.

Mentioning food problems, I have developed the strangest thing during this pregnancy. I normally do not like sauce on my pizza. If a place insists that they cannot make the pizza without a little bit of sauce, then I’ll go with VERY light sauce and walk away with the pleasure of knowing that they’re big, fat liars since other places do it all the time. But lately, at some of our favorite pizza haunts, I’ve not enjoyed the pizza as much without sauce. I hate to say it, but the pizza seems to be missing something, and I’ve concluded that I miss the sauce. Or rather little Ziggy misses the sauce and is choosing to assert his/her will over my own likes and dislikes, but I have just happily ordered sauce on the side the last week or so since B is usually with me and he also does not like sauce on his pizza. I know, we’re a match made in heaven – you don’t have to tell me! So, being alone for half of this week, I stopped to get a pizza the other night on my way home from work and actually ordered it with sauce. Where I took it home and proceeded to scrape off all of the sauce. It wasn’t as good as little Ziggy tried so hard to tell me that it would be. I managed to eat two pieces that night and another two for lunch the next day, but I’ll be honest here and tell you that the rest of that pizza is going in the trash!

Lastly, and possibly the silliest thing that I did all week was rent and watch this movie all by myself.


At 4 months pregnant.

I thought that I was doing B a favor...he’s out of town helping a friend move, so I saved him one chick-flick and rented this to watch the other night. Yeah. Maybe not the brightest move. It was a great movie, but I’m 4 months pregnant, totally emotional, and I watch a sad movie like that?!?! I guess I had it coming. I haven’t read the book, but I knew that it wouldn’t end well from the very beginning. Oh, who do I think I’m kidding? I cried during the first 10 minutes of the movie, not just at the end. At least Penny was there curled up in my lap to comfort me and my tears...even if she did look up at me like “Hey lady – what’s all the racket up there? I’m trying to sleep!”

I think that I’ll either watch something a little more upbeat tonight (my last night of being alone) or I’ll work on projects around the house and avoid movies all together. Either one works for me!

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