Monday, February 1, 2010

Fourteen Weeks

Goodness! I’m running a little late this week, huh? Can I blame it on a crazy week at work last week? Not that I really think that this week will be much better, but there’s a slim chance that it will...

We hit the 14 week mark last Friday, and there are so many changes going on! Here’s what has to say about where I am now: Your baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee and possibly suck his thumb. Thanks to brain impulses, his facial muscles are getting a workout moving from one expression to another. His kidneys are producing urine, which he releases into the amniotic fluid surrounding him – a process that will continue until birth. He can grasp too, and if you were to have an ultrasound this week, you might be able to catch him sucking his thumb. In other news, your baby is stretching out. From head to bottom he measures 3 ½ inches, which is about the size of a lemon, weighing 1 ½ ounces.

So things are progressing! My baby is growing, and I’m starting to lose room in my regular clothes, even my tops. I’ve given up (finally!) on my regular jeans for the most part and I’m wearing my new maternity jeans. They’re much more comfortable, except that I’m not quite large enough yet to completely hold them if you see me out and about in Austin, and you see me pulling up my pants every 5 minutes, I’m maybe just a little paranoid about them falling down! No, that hasn’t happened yet...just taking extra precautions. But they’re much more comfortable, let me tell you!

Even though by the time this posts and you get to read it, it’ll more than likely to be Tuesday, I took this belly shot last Thursday night just like normal. I was wearing my normal jeans that day, I can’t remember why...but you’ll see that there’s not any room left. You can DEFINTELY see a rounding to my belly, huh?
I tried to take other pictures, but it was late, and looking back at them - they're not very good my belly is cut off in HALF of them!

We had our 14 week check up on Thursday afternoon and although I got in a little bit of trouble with the doctor for losing weight (instead of gaining weight from my last appt), she was happy with my test results and all. And I’m happy with my progress, despite the loss of three pounds...I’ll keep eating as much as I can, keeping it all down (hopefully!) and everything will be fine. My blood pressure and all looked great, so that was good news.

Since she wasn’t my OB for my daughter’s birth, she doesn’t realize that I actually lost 15 pounds during that pregnancy before I gained any weigh...and J was still born at a healthy 7 lbs. 15 oz. I told her this bit of information again, but I’m not sure that it helped my case. My mother also comforted me Thursday night with a reminder than when she carried me, her total weight gain was only 12 pounds...for the same reasons. Maybe we’re just those women who gain our weight at the end of our pregnancies, not at the beginning. My doctor did acknowledge that women gain weight differently, and she did not insist on giving me medication for the nausea that still frequents me...but I’ve been warned. If it doesn’t improve soon, I’m sure more drastic measures might be taken!

Here’s an overall tracker for you, which isn't very exciting right now, but I plan to update the total at each of my appointments from now on...

Weight Gain: -3 lbs
Total Weight Gain: -3 lbs

So that’s my pregnancy week in a nutshell. Growing, even if the scale says otherwise. Take care and I’ll update you in just a few more days with Week 15! This will be like a short week for my readers...

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Anonymous said...

Hiya, just wanted to pop in and say Hi and that I'm really enjoying watching your belly grow (hope that doesn't sound creepy). Keep up the posts and congrats on the pregnancy!