Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Busy Little Elves…

You know what? I think that’s the most magical part of the whole Santa concept…the part where he has unlimited access to magical toy-making elves. And I’m sure that there are also treat-making elves in there too, since there have to be package wrapping elves to wrap up all the toys that the toy-making elves made. That’s why I’m running so behind! I can’t find my elves!!!

Where, oh where, can they be hiding? Did I not pay enough last year? I was pretty sure that Santa’s elves were paid with hot chocolate and cookies…so maybe I was wrong to assume that and they’re on strike this year because I made them mad and didn’t appreciate them enough last year. Could be. Anything’s possible, right?

Well, barring me finding my little magical elves somewhere under the pile of laundry that’s currently sitting on my couch, I decided last night that I just needed to roll up my sleeves and get busy myself if I wanted to get done what all needs to get done the next few days.

No, my Christmas tree still isn’t up. Don’t ask.

BUT even if I didn’t manage that task, I DID manage to get all of the remaining treat bags assembled and put together. Since they were all sitting there, mocking me, waiting to be stuffed with treats and goodies, I went ahead and obliged them. I stuffed and stuffed until my fingers were sticky (either from all the sugary sweetness that’s contained in the treats themselves or from the adhesive that I was using to close the bottoms of the bags, I’m not totally sure) and then I stuffed some more. The good news? All but two treats got all stuffed and assembled. Yea!

And then, since I was on such a good roll of accomplishment, I headed over to my “sewing table” (AKA the dining table) to work on those dang coasters. I don’t know what possessed me to believe that goodies/treats wasn’t enough for the teacher’s gifts. That they needed something handmade in there too…but 32 coasters later…I’m over halfway through with them now. I cut them all out last week. Then I sewed the all together before we went out of town. I took them with me and turned them all right-side out and pinned the openings closed while we drove for hours upon hours – you know, when I wasn’t assembling the gift bags. All of my step-by-step work paid off though, and I was able to sit down last night and in only about 30 minutes finish up 2/3 of them. I think that I have 10 left for tonight…not too shabby.

So I have to “bag and tag” two sets of treats, sew up 10 more coasters and then put all the bags together and finish them off with name tags and tissue paper. Totally doable…if I don’t care whether my tree goes up tonight. I’ve really about decided that we’ll just start a new tradition and put it up on Christmas Eve, leave it up until New Year’s (you know, so we have “time” to enjoy it!) and then take it down. Done and done.

I have all day off on Friday, which is Christmas Eve…so SURELY I’ll be able to get it done then. Surely. We have plans with my parents that night, but I’m totally thinking of either going out to eat with them or just making something in my awesome new Crock-Pot that I won at our office white elephant gift exchange this year…putting presents to good use already – that’s my kind of Christmas magic!

I promise to have pictures of goodies (along with some recipes!) and the cutesy bags up tomorrow. I started to post them today, but realized that there are a few people who read this blog that me doing so would ruin the surprise of opening their gift…so it’ll wait another day. And then I think that I’ll rest and relax, you know, because after that it’ll be Christmas Eve and I’ll need to be working on putting up that tree and wrapping all the presents that need to go underneath it! Yep…no presents are wrapped right now either. Don’t judge.

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