Friday, December 17, 2010

A Christmas "Surprise?"

I’ve posted before about my love for Shutterfly…I’ve used their services several times in the past for my photo card needs, and I’ve never, ever, ever been disappointed.

So I don’t know where I went wrong this year with my Christmas cards…

Actually, I think that I do know what happened, and since I waited so late to order them in the first place that’s just what I get. There’s no sending them back, no re-orders, no chance of a do-over for this year’s card…le sigh. (Insert sad face)

Mom, if you haven’t received your card yet…STOP READING right now. For that matter, that goes for any of my “real life” friends who happen to read my blog. I’m about to show a picture of our card, and if you don’t want the surprise of opening it in the mail ruined, then you must stop now! You’ve been warned!

For Jax’s birth announcements, I used one color photo and one photo that I had converted to black and white. They came out great. Fantastic. Loved them. And I admit that I was a little bit lazy this year when it came time to take our pictures to use on the Christmas card. Instead of buying and/or hunting down matching clothes for my kiddos, I decided that I would just convert the picture to black and white and be done with it. Easy, right?


I picked a few cards, made some mock-ups and sent them to Brent for his stamp of approval. We both agreed on the same card as our favorite, so the selection process was painless and easy. I ordered the cards, entered my coupon code and away they went. I waited somewhat impatiently for them to arrive, which they did with all haste. I eagerly opened them…and wanted to cry.

This is what I saw…

No, that’s not just the bad quality of a camera-phone picture…the photo has a definite blue tint to it. It’s not truly black and white, like it showed in the preview…but blue and white. The only thing that I can think happened is that I converted the photo to black and white on the Shutterfly site, instead of converting it through Photoshop and then uploading it to Shutterfly as a black and white photo. I can’t really see that doing that would cause this problem…but like I said before, oh well. It’s too late and too close to the holidays for me to re-order, call and complain, or anything. That’s just the way the cookie crumbled this year…

Has this ever happened to anyone else when you’ve used Shutterfly? Like I said before, I’ve used their services countless times with NO problems what-so-ever…and the cards themselves are great this year, except for the blue tint.

I’m sad…but not sad enough to not send them out!


Anonymous said...

I don't think they're that bad. I'd call the color artistic and move on.

Not only did I forget to take pictures after I'd received the Shutterfly free cards offer, I forgot to go back to the site at all. No holiday cards for me AT ALL.

Oh well. I'll try again next year.

Lindsey Anne said...

I really don't think they're that bad. I can kind of tell that they are bluish, but they don't scream blue to me. Still cute!