Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where, O Where Has Sandy Gone???

Logically, in my head, I know that I’ve been a little MIA from this blog lately…like the past two months. But I didn’t really realize how little I’ve been around, until I was trying to fix a button on my sidebar and noticed that I have only posted 7 times in December. And I think that it showed only 9 posts for November. Dude, I used to post each day!

So what happened?

I guess the best explanation (which is usually the simplest) is that I’m tired. Having a baby is hard work…and I thought that I was doing so good right after Jax was born when I still posted almost daily. Sure, I did good then, but start the teething process, prolonged sleep deprivation as it became four months of little sleep, add in a few rounds of sickness and I just disappear! Whew!

Well, I guess that can be another goal of mine for the New Year that is right around the corner…to be “here” more. Mentioning which, am I the only person who doesn’t know what happened to my 2010? I mean, I feel like I’ve just gotten used to dating things with the 10 on the end…and now I have to re-adjust to putting an 11 instead?

Well, hopefully things will improve. Jax is becoming congested again, but the glories of having a nebulizer at home is being able to start the breathing treatments a little earlier this go round. Maybe before he gets too bad. He’s not getting worse, so maybe it’s working…but who knows? And remember when I wrote last week about a little “surprise” or early Christmas present? Well a couple of my readers (who are smart mommies) knew exactly what I was talking about – or they came close, anyway.

Jax dropped a nighttime feeding!

I didn’t want to say anything for fear of jinxing the whole darn thing, but he went from two feedings during the night down to just one feeding. And I can’t honestly tell you why he changed. When it first started he was still taking in the same amount of solids during the evening as before, but whatever did the trick I’ll take it! Now (about a week later) he’s eating one whole container of vegetable solids each night plus about half of a container of fruit. Maybe once he gets to the point where he’s finishing both containers (fruit and veggies) then he’ll drop that last nighttime feeding. Keeping my fingers crossed…

Either way, I’ll take one nighttime feeding between 2a-3a any day over one at 1a-2a and one at 5a! It’s not a perfect process yet…some nights he still wakes up around 12:30a-1a and cries for a little bit, but I’ve learned that he’s not really hungry right then. He’ll take his pacifier (even if he doesn’t like it at first) and eventually settle back down…you just have to be patient. It’s not the same sort of cry that he gives at 2a-3a when I know for a fact that he’s starving and “needs” to be fed NOW!! Ask any Mom out there…she’ll back me up – there IS a difference!

So it’s been a week now…and I couldn’t be happier. Some nights he doesn’t even do the waking up early thing so I actually get more than 2 hours of sleep in one stretch…something that I almost can’t remember doing before! Like I said, I’m still looking forward to the night when he doesn’t have to be fed at all, but I’ll take what I can get for now and be completely happy with it. I’m trying not to be too greedy and ask for more…but it’s hard!

So that was my big surprise. Not that great of a surprise to some of you ladies…but still a welcome relief for me. Now if I could just channel this “extra” energy that I’m getting from more sleep into wrapping Christmas presents and finishing up the teachers’ gifts, I’d be good to go!!! LOL!

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