Friday, January 7, 2011

My Big, Expensive Bouncer...

Hey's me, Jax! I thought I'd break in to Mom's blog for a minute and say "Hey!" or "ba ba ma bbbblah!" (which means Hey in baby-speak).

Actually, I wanted to share with you all my cool bouncer.  It's got everything on it.  Music, lights, toys that rattle and shake, some of those ring things that hang down in my face, a spinning frog and a mirror.  A lilttle guy like me couldn't really ask for more.  Good thing that someone loves my parents enough to get this for them...because I've started spending a LOT of time in here...see how happy I am?

Yeah, I like it.  But I haven't shared with you the BEST part of this toy with you yet.  I'm going to, don't worry.  Ijust need to watch and see what Mickey and Goofy are up to on Playhouse Clubhouse for a second...pause for literally two seconds that the TV actually keeps his attention...and I'm back.  OK.  So we've talked about the cool stuff on the exersaucer/bouncer thing.  It's got tons of good stuff...but the best, the absolute BEST feature ever is...

What's that?  You can't see what I'm playing with?  Here...let's try this picture...

Now can you see?!?  Yep, you got it.  The best part of my expensive bouncer is THE TAG that hangs on one of the straps.  A lot of parents mess up and actually cut this awesome toy off of their bouncer before giving it to their little boys and girls...but not my Mom.  She's pretty smart.  She knew that this little hanging tag would give me endless entertainment (or at least an extra 5 minutes) so that I enjoy my bouncer even more. 

Isn't she great? 

And to top it all off, she spends that extra time doing great things for me like washing my bottles, mixing up more bottles, getting my food ready or folding all of my clothes.  Oh, and she takes out the trash that smells from my stinky diapers...she's really great. You should get one just like her! 

OK - I'm getting bored with this blogging it time for me eat yet?!?! 

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Natalie said...

Hysterical...and so typical!