Thursday, January 13, 2011

Off the Wagon Already?

Yeah, that would be me. And the exercise wagon, so to speak. I did SO good the first week of January…and then I’m not really sure what happened. I meant to exercise, but I really wanted to sleep too. Then the double ear infections hit our house and the word exercise wasn’t even spoken or suggested. It was taboo to even think about working out.  Which also means that I didn’t weigh in or measure anything…I don’t really think that it went badly, but who really needs any confirmation? Not me.

Lucky for me, my workout buddy was also having a rough week…so we both got a “bye” on the workout schedule. Of course, that’s probably not how the buddy system should work…but that’s what happened for us!  Therefore, in light of recent events, I’m going to go easy on myself. No self-blame or torture for this chic…but I do need to climb back on that horse. Like now.

Except not tonight.

Hahahahaha…you thought I was serious about starting again…hahahahaha…I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing WITH you!

Just kidding. I am serious about starting over. But tonight we have to go to Tanner’s basketball game (which might be both his first and last game due to grade restrictions) and I know that we might get home too late and too tired to work out tonight.

So TOMORROW I will start the 30-Day Shred (again) and see how far behind taking a week off put me. I’ll weigh in tonight and re-measure to get my starting off point again. Sigh. Kids interrupt SO much, you know?

Just in case there’s anyone out there who actually thinks that I’m being serious with that last remark, it was totally made in a sarcastic way…I wouldn’t trade my kids for anything. Well, not most days, anyway!

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The Hudack Family said...

Man we were really bad last week. It so easy to fall off the wagon. Life is rough!!

So I'm game to start back up tomorrow. Hopefully no excuses. must workout!!!