Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year...New Look...

That applies to both me and my blog!  Of course, changing the design of my blog was a LOT easier than changing the way that I look will be...but I'm going to bust out with a new look myself here pretty soon!  At least, that's what I'm hoping for here in a few weeks after I've spent some much needed time with Jillian.  She claims that she's TV's toughest trainer, and after a few days spent up close and personal with her, I'm not one to argue!  Wow - does that lady pack one hell of a workout in those 20 minutes or what?  And I'm only on Level ONE...times are looking tough ahead, that's for sure!

But, it's what I need to do to get rid of the last bit of baby weight.  Yeah, if you're a smart cookie, you might be scratching your head right about now.  You might remember a time when I boasted having lost more weight than my original starting pregnancy weight...yeah, that's what I get.  Weight took offense at those comments of mine, turned around, stuck it's fingers in it's ears, screwed up his face and went "na na na na boo boo!" right back at me...and graced me with the gift of weight gain instead of loss. 

So B (over at Our Journey) and I are on a work-out mission...we start officially today.  Here are my stats as taken by me two days ago:

Weight: 151
Waist: 35
Hips/Thighs: 39 / 22.5

Posting your measurements on the blog-o-sphere is always somewhat scary to me...but when I was a bride wanting to look smashing in my wedding dress, it really helped me to stay honest about my progress and kept me on track more often than not, knowing that I was going to have to post results in a few days.  Let's hope it works again for me.  We'll see, huh?

So that's one resolution.  Sort of.  I say sort of because I'm not normally a New Year's resolution type of gal.  It's just not my thing.  I have things that I want to work on or accomplish, but I tend to work on them all year long, not just at a particular time of year.  This year, I've got some specifics that I'll share with you all:

1. Healthy Body - this is two part.  It's not just weight loss, it's about how my clothes fit.  If it's my lot in life to stay the same weight, that's cool...I just want it to look a bit better on me.  So I'm trying to not be a slave to the number shown on the scale and to use how my clothes are fitting as a better tracker of my progress.  Right now, the pants...they are tight.  Guess that's telling me something, all right?!?! 

2. Healthy Mind - Having a sane mind goes hand in hand with the one before.  I need to work on taking time for myself.  I remember well what the first year of mommyhood was like from my first go-round on this ride...and I specifically remembering "waking up" about three years later wondering where the heck I went.  I had become Jenna's Mom (which was great and totally worthwhile!) and had lost Sandy somewhere along the way.  So I would like to avoid that all together this time.  I need to take time for me, and to learn to ask for help.  Yes, it might be easier to do it myself, the way that I want it done the first time around...but that doesn't lead to personal time.  It's ok if the bottles are washed "wrong" or if Jax cries for an extra minute or two waiting for Brent to wake up and get him instead of me doing the whole night shift.  It's not the end of the's really ok. 

3. Savings - have you taken the time to check out where I am on my financial savings goals so far?  (If you haven't, just click out of your reader onto my actual blog and look on the right for the Savings button that I update weekly.)  It really added up as I did Xmas shopping and caught a lot of great sales!  You know what?  I'm already halfway to my original goal right now...and I've got almost a full year left to finish the other half - that's SO awesome to me! 

Those are my top three goals for 2011 right now.  How about you?  Did you set actual goals/resolutions for yourself this year?  I think that mine are pretty standard and nothing spectacularly original...but there you have it.  I've got some smaller things rattling around in this head of mine that also might "gel" into more concrete goals, but nothing that I'm ready to share just yet...maybe another day.

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The Hudack Family said...

I love the new blog look and I'm ready to start our 30 day challenge!!