Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Floor Remodel

A few weeks ago, I posted that we were doing some home remodeling. And when I use the word “some” I really mean a LOT of home remodeling. Aggressive might be another way to put it. Taking a really big bite of the pie might be another way to think of what all "we’re" doing. (And when I say "we're" doing all of this in the presence of my husabnd, he gives me THAT look...)

And don’t get me started on the aches and the pains...and those are just mine! I’m not even the one doing the hard handy-dandy hubby is the busy one...with some help from a cousin. I can only imagine how they feel in the mornings when they get up!

But let me tell’s SO worth it. If you thought that the paint on the walls was a big step, just wait until you get to the end of this post! You’ll be amazed, and maybe a little jealous that I have such a talented husband...I’m not opposed to hiring him out for your own project though...wink, wink. Just kidding – he’d probably murder me for even thinking those thoughts!

I wish that I’d taken some pics of the, then I’d be too embarrassed to post’s best just to use your imagination. I guarantee that it’s probably not the worst carpet even seen, but it was in pretty ragged shape. But we had carpet down over the whole living room and some tile in the entry-way and kitchen/laundry room/half bath.

This is what we started with.
It’s not bad tile. It’s just ugly, in my opinion. It’s not something that I would choose to put down, but it’s something that was here with B bought the house, and it worked.

First “we” ripped it all up...down to the cement foundation, which was in GREAT shape! Great news when you live in Texas, and in an area known for shifting foundations. Then we started with a small section, from the center of the living room. I tried to convince B that no one really started in the center...that in such a big room that it would be ok to start along a wall with whole pieces, but he does things the right way, there will be no cutting of corners for this guy! Here's a close up of the tile that we chose - 20" x 20" - BIG tiles!Once the method was perfected, and “the workers” found their rhythm they moved along at a steady pace. Knowing that our house would be a wreck for a few weeks while everything downstairs got moved upstairs was still not enough preparation for the mess that our house has been for the last two weeks. The work went by fast though, slowing only for inclement weather (you can’t lay tile if it’s under 50 degrees outside) and arranging schedules between the workers so that one person didn’t do it all alone. After just one week, this is what we had. Everything was done except for the edges of the room...Doesn't it go well with our wall/trim colors? All but the cuts were done...So B and I spent a LONG night the weekend before last and put in the grout on what we had down. I really thought that the grouting portion of the process would be easier and something that I could help with...yeah, not so much. I mean, I did it. I sucked it up and dealt with it, but bending down on hands and knees or trying to crouch down when you’re five months pregnant doesn’t lend for a lot of grace. And I didn’t start out with much to begin you can imagine the laughter that we had that night! I have no actual pictures of ME doing any of the work, but trust me...laying grout is NOT easy!

I was also really worried about washing my jeans right was easier in the end to just sit on my butt and slide across the tiles. I tried REALLY hard to sit on the tile squares and not on the grout lines, but I knew that I had not been 100% successful. And since I can’t fit into “work” jeans that it’s ok to trash, I washed my maternity jeans immediately upon finishing. It all came out – never fear.
Once the main section was grouted, it was time to start on the cuts...and finish out the room.
After the grout set and cured, "we" sealed it. And then my participation began again with trying to get it cleaned up and all the “tile dust” off of the tiles so that they were pretty. I lost count of how many times the floor was mopped, steamed, stripped and washed. My back probably knows the number, but my head does not.

On Friday/Saturday, B cut/painted and installed the new baseboards, rounding out the look of the living room. Once those were in, we were able to put our living room back together, which was exciting for both of us! It's hard not having a place in your home for the family to congregate...

Just two weeks after starting it all. Not bad considering that two guys did most all of the work. Two guys who had not laid tile ever, or in a long time. Isn’t it beautiful? Our new recliners will be here at the end of this month, which we cannot WAIT to get, and our new TV console will be here sometime in May. Then the room will be re-organized and “finished.”

They started on the kitchen/laundry room/half bath this week...stay tuned for those pics!


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Wow! Looks great! :)

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Oh I love it!! Great job!!