Friday, March 12, 2010

Our Baby Boy...

Here's the rest of the pictures from our sonogram this's SO nice to have them on a disc instead of taking a picture of them with my camera. SO MUCH BETTER!

Some profile shots...

They all sort of look the same, so sorry for the repitition...we saw a LOT of other things in the office, feet, hands, organs, spine, ribs, bones and such...but they didn't give me any of those shots.

They did give me some video though, and I think that I got it uploaded on here correctly! Check it out. The first video is of him moving around, mainly putting his hands in front of his face, like he's shy...

The next two videos are of his little hear is a view of the heart from the top down and looks really weird. The other is a profile shot where you can see it pumping in his chest...too cool!

Hope you enjoyed!

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