Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WAY too funny...

This is a true story, I promise.

Yesterday, our HR guy stopped by my office to chat for a minute and in the middle of a random conversation about something else entirely – like fresh coffee in the break room (which I don’t/can’t drink) he casually mentions that I’ve been pulled for a random.

As in a random drug testing per our company policy.

For a five and a half month pregnant woman? REALLY?!?!

Maybe you’re not rolling on the floor laughing...maybe you are...if you are, then you have me for company. I laughed and said ok when do I need to go.

The response? Within the hour. And I was escorted. (Or followed there to be more specific...) I understand that it’s just company policy to escort/follow the employee to the lab and all, but the whole situation just struck me as hilarious.

Now, as I type this I do realize that not everyone makes the decision to stay drug/alcohol free during the course of their pregnancies...I really do understand that.

And I also understand that our random screenings are computer generated by an outsourced company who does NOT know and could not possibly know that I’m pregnant. But you would think that at some point along this journey someone would question it.

Turns out the lab tech did. She looked at me. Then looked at my small pregnant belly...and raised her eyebrows. No words were said between us, but I gave her a smile that said “Whatever.” Then when she asked if I was ready to go to the bathroom, we had a good laugh about a pregnant woman always being ready to pee...

It did help that she was also pregnant...due any day now from the looks of her. She just chuckled through the paperwork and did her job. Just like I did mine.

I just thought that it was INSANELY funny to send a pregnant lady in for a random drug screening...

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