Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Someone's Having A Party...

...and since it's being held in my BELLY, that means that I'm invited, right?!?! I don't know if there's disco music playing somewhere and he's showing off his moves, or if he's just really enjoying this bean and cheese breakfast taco that I'm eating...either way - Ziggy likes!

Good Lord, I don't know what it is that is making little Ziggy "leap" for joy this morning, but it's been going non-stop for the last twenty-thirty minutes! For some reason, he favors kicking my right I'm guessing that it's a more "happening" spot than the left side!

But it feels like my whole belly is shaking...not that you can really see it, and I've tried to watch for it...but no luck so far. He's not that big yet, or strong enough.

It reassures me to feel these movements, and when he gets calm and quiet for several hours at a time, I notice that too. As much as I'd like to "wake him up" and make sure that all is well when that happens, I'm trying to remember to be good and enjoy the peace and quiet myself!

Then again, he still seems to respond well to Ginger Ale, and I was almost finished with a glass of that...maybe the bubbles got his little rear end in gear! Either way, it just struck me as something that you all would want to know about...have a great rest of your day!

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