Friday, October 15, 2010

Guest Post: D. Rene from Grown Up For Real!!!

I'm SO excited to be hosting a Guest Post today!  This post is written by D. Rene who blogs over at Grown Up For Real.  Her blog is a new find of mine through SITS and she was gracious enough to do a guest post for me.  Help me make her feel welcome by leaving her some comment love down below and then go and check out her'll love it too!

Mommy Things I Should Do More Of

Throw the football with my son. Although, I’m probably doing him a huge service given that (a) I throw like a girl and (b) I think football is icky. I try to talk him out of playing sometime when we’re driving to practice but so far, I haven’t moved him one inch.

Cook well balanced meals. I recently found out about processed foods and I instantly felt like a bad Mommy. Who knew that feeding my kids Velveeta cheese was leading them into a slow death? I thought Hamburger Helper was great! Nutritious AND I can cook it in 20 minutes???

Return the teachers calls and emails. As it is now, they call too much. I really don’t care if my son’s shirt isn’t tucked into his pants unless that somehow makes his spelling suffer.

Take my daughter out to practice driving. So far, I’ve become so good at giving her excuses, she forgets that I even have a car – Ha! My strategy is to make her Dad drive her around and put his car in jeopardy. My car is newer than his. He can afford a dent or two. Is that bad? Hmph.

Stop letting my kids watch television on school nights. Let’s just face the facts. TV makes kids dumb past the age of 8. In the beginning the shows they watch enlighten them, teach them morals and provide them with hours of safe entertainment. Then, all hell breaks loose and my sixteen year old daughter is walking around calling me “doll” from the Kardashians or telling me all about the episode she watched of Jerseylicious. Terrible!

D. Rene can be found ranting and raving about motherhood on her blog grownupforeal. You can also check her out on Twitter


Tomica Bonner said...

I don't even want to go through my list. As a mom of seven there are so many things I could do differently but there just isn't enough time in the air.

While I don't throw the ball with my five sons, I do watch basketball and football with them. My daughter being the only one has the benefit of being with me most of the time.

Nikkolish said...

Love this! And as usual, I'm cracking up. Your sense of humor is great! I think I might have a coronary is my daughter called me "doll." Oy! Though she did learn "stupid" from one of her kid shows and feels the need to use it quite often. NOT my fav!

Good job on the guest posting today, girl!