Sunday, October 10, 2010

Keep Austin Weird?

If you're from Texas...or have travelled through Texas at some point...or just seen someone else who's been here before, you might have heard of that slogan before - Keep Austin Weird.  When you live in Austin you either embrace this slogan as your hometown "battle cry" taking all that makes Austin weird into your heart and holding it close...or you can't stand how weird some of what makes Austin weird actually is.  If you're smart, and you want to be happy where you live then you take option number 1...don't fight it.  It's pointless.

After a while, you become somewhat immune to the "sights" of Austin...but every once in a while, something catches your eye that even causes a seasoned veteran to the weird to do a double take.

Remember the day that hated me?  Well, I actually started to feel better on the drive to work (after the meltdown) when I cracked a smile for the first time when I saw this:
Do you see what I see?  What's that?  You need a close up view to REALLY appreciate it...oh, okay - twist my arm!  
If you're asking yourself what exactly it is that you're looking at...let me explain what you're looking at since I took the pictures with my awesome-picture-taking iPhone!  There's an election coming up (maybe you live under a rock and didn't know...) and for the Texas Governor position there is the guy who is currently our Governor running in the Republican slot and then there is his opponent running in the Democratic slot.

Yes, I'm well aware that this is how MOST elections happen...stick with me. 

The campaigns are entering the mud-slinging phase...and all of the political ads that you see on TV or hear on the radio right now are getting pretty dirty.  The Democrat opposing our current Govenor, Rick Perry, is a man named Bill White.  He's the mayor of Houston, I think?  Anyway, apparently the guy driving this car that you see is a Bill White evidenced by every single square inch of his Geo Prism being covered in Bill White bumper stickers.

And when I say covered...I really mean covered.  Only the windows and lights were left unadorned.  And if that wasn't enough to show his support, the guy built a platform (it's the best word that I can think of at the moment to describe this structure) on TOP of said Geo Prism covered in bumper stickers which stuck up a good 6-8 feet tall, with even MORE Bill White stickers.  And just like the cherry tops the ice cream sundae, he stuck an American flag on top of the platform just for grins.

At least that's my take on the whole situation.  Don't get me started on the trailer that he's pulling with his Geo Prism!  If you drive a Geo Prism, kudos to you...I wanted one of my very own when I was 14 and dreaming about what my future car would be, so I'm not making fun of the Prism itself.  It's the platform that gets me...

I don't put a smile on my face during an otherwise RUFF I thought that I would share it with you!  Aren't you lucky?  I believe in supporting your chosen candidate as much as the next guy...well, maybe not as much as THAT guy!  LOL!                                                          

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