Saturday, October 2, 2010

Home Policies???

Most store have things that they call "store polilcies."  I'm sure at one time or another, you've run into these.  You know, like Target has a policy that you can't return something with a receipt...or you can only make one return a year per driver's license without a receipt.  Wal-Mart is more flexible and allows several returns without receipts before they enforce a receipt.  Other stores don't want you to bring food or drinks into their establishments.  Restaurants require shoes and shirts before they'll give you service.  We encounter these every single day. 

But the most famous store policy that I can think of is "You break it, you buy it."  You know the one that I'm talking's found most commonly in stores that also discourage small children to enter beyond their doors.  And it's a good policy.  I feel that if I were to drop something breakable in a store that I would be honest enough to turn myself in and pay for the item.  The same goes if I'm not watching my child carefully enough (no matter how slippery and sneaky they can be!).  I would feel obligated to pay for the damages.  But that's just me.  A lot of people out there aren't like that, or might disagree with me.  That's ok - we can each have our own opinions and still be friends.

And don't even get me started on the people who go to places like Jason's Deli and eat off of the salad bar when they didn't BUY a salad bar...yes, I know that it's only two corn muffins...or just a few tomatoes.  And as long as you made some type of purchase there, then I'm ok with you sneaking a few items off of their delicious salad bar.  But just a few.  I really wonder about those people though that just come in and get a small plate with a "snack" on it when I clearly didn't see them order anything.  Or pay for what they that ice cream cone...

Sorry - soap box alert!  I'm done now.

Anyway, so I was thinking about store policies and I've decided that maybe we need to enforce some "Home Policies" as well.  I mean, if it works at big retail establishments, it should work at my little house, right?  You want to know the first one I would enforce?

"You wake him, You take him!"

Can I get an "Amen!"??


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