Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Celebrating our Anniversary…With a Sick Kid

When I talked to my Mom a few days before our anniversary, and was telling her about how Jax was sick with his first cold, she made the statement “I bet this isn’t how you pictured spending your first anniversary, huh?” And she was right. Although I knew that it would be low-key since we’d have an infant along in tow…I didn’t factor in a sick infant. And believe me, it makes a difference. Add on top of that two nights of little to no sleep, and you’ve got a recipe for a sleepy weekend at home.

You know, celebrating in your pjs in front of the television.

And there’s not a thing wrong with that. In fact, I enjoy a good pajama party most days…but she’s right – your first wedding anniversary isn’t really one of those times. Pajama-less party? That’s more like it!

Just kidding. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. Either way, with a sick little man and two tired adults, we made the decision early Friday night to just spend the weekend together and relax. To do whatever needed to be done to get Jax feeling better (and sleeping more!) before we had to go back to work on Monday, and if we happened to be able to go out to eat or something, then great. If not, then we would celebrate another time. No big deal. In fact, this would give us the perfect opportunity to focus on our Intimacy Challenge…

And focus on us is exactly what we did. Without the two older kids around, we were able to do exactly what we wanted to do because Jax doesn’t really get a vote in what we do yet, so the entire weekend was about us. Remembering our wedding a year ago, reflecting on all of the changes in the past year, looking at our gorgeous photos from the wedding and the honeymoon, and talking about what this next year will hold for us. It was a great end to our first week of the challenge, and we spent almost as much time talking with each other as we did making sure that we both got some decent sleep! LOL!

Both Friday and Saturday night we stayed in and watched some of our DVR shows (Sons of Anarchy, anyone else?) and I cooked and we relaxed. I even enjoyed a glass of this both nights:

And spent time cuddling with each other (and Jax) on the couch. Perfect.

We also took this out of the freezer for the big day:

And I woke up to the sight of these on our dining room table as a surprise!

Since Saturday was so low-key, we decided on Sunday to get out of the house a bit. We went to breakfast at our favorite breakfast joint…and Jax was mostly good. Then we did some shopping and tried to find an anniversary gift for both of us. Neither one of us needs/wants anything…so we opted for just flowers, cards and dinner out. Totally low-key. After spending most of the morning and early afternoon out and about, we decided to go home and take some naps. Well, some of us slept…others didn’t.

Either way, we cut our cake and ate the anniversary pieces before we went to dinner. Yes, we had our dessert first. I always plan on special events that I’ll order dessert and then I eat too much and don’t have room. So we had our cake before we ever left the house. Plus we went to dinner around Jax’s schedule, which meant that we got to Carino’s around 5:15 (along with all of the other senior citizens!) but that left plenty of opportunity/time for another slice of cake later.

Yes, we ate the thawed one-year-old cake. It was delicious. Maybe a little drier than the day of our wedding, but yummy, yummy, yummy! Good storage tips helped, and thawing it out slowly seems to be the key to keeping it from going all soggy.

After that? We were pooped! It was a great day…ended on the perfect note with Jax going down for the night without any stopped up sounds coming from his little nose. I honestly think that made us happier than anything…

We both reflected that the day was perfectly spent and neither one of us could have improved a thing about it! What might have been a boring anniversary weekend with a sick child turned into a great anniversary celebration…and a great end to our first week of the Intimacy Challenge. I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary! Love you, honey!


Stacey said...

It doesn't sound boring to me! I think it sounded like a sweet, wonderful way to spend an anniversary. It's way better than the year I totally forgot my anniversary. Now that was a memorable one! Happy Anniversary. May you have many, many more.

Nikkolish said...

So glad to hear you had a nice relaxing weekend! Happy Anniversary to you both!