Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby’s First Tooth

Yes, you read that right. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. We have a tooth. Which explains SO MUCH regarding the last few weeks…

It explains the drool, which really wasn’t as bad as I seem to remember, since I kept telling Brent that it was going to get worse when he started teething.

It explains the bouts of crankiness spread here and there when he’s an otherwise totally happy child.

It REALLY explains the lack of sleeping. The loss of the sleep schedule and everything else that happens at our house between the hours of 8pm and 7am.

So, in one week, we’ve managed to learn how to roll from back to front. We can also roll from front to back. We’ve cut our first tooth. And…yes, there’s more…wait for it…we got up on all fours yesterday.

Once again, no, you didn’t misread that statement. Your eyes are still not playing tricks on you. But my eyes are a little weepy and my mind is going ninety miles a minute. Why, you ask? Because he’s not supposed to do these things yet. I thought that I had a few more months to enjoy this stage. The still a baby, but more like an infant stage. The stage where you can put them in one spot and when you look back (after taking your eyes off for only a few seconds) they’re still in the same spot/position. Yes, I’m immensely proud of my son who seems to be ahead of “the curve” developmentally. But I weep for the parents who have to keep up with him! LOL!

I know that the books are just guidelines…points of reference, if you will. A guide to use for when a baby “should” or “can possibly” do something and not a hard and fast rule that something’s wrong if your little one isn’t doing ABC at whatever age. I also know that every baby’s different, each developing at their own pace in their own ways. What works to help one baby will not necessarily work for the next baby.

But like I told my Mom last night on the phone…I’ve already paid my dues with my daughter. You know how they say that you’ll have one child that is just like you? Well, that’s Jenna. She didn’t sleep. She walked early, skipping the whole crawling stage pretty much. I can’t honestly remember when she started cutting teeth (and I think that makes me a bad Mom!), but I would assume that it was a little early based on how she did everything else. I’m convinced that Jenna did all of these things early to A)pay me back for the havoc that I rained upon my own mother during my first year or two on Earth and B)provide my Mom with amusement. Seriously. I’m not kidding.

Then again, I guess that it’s better to be doing things sooner than I had expected rather than playing the waiting game of when is ABC going to happen? I know that my step-mother was so totally consumed with worry about her daughter (my step-sister) not teething that she took her to the dentist and asked them to do x-rays to prove that she did have teeth and she was just going to be a late bloomer. I can only imagine the look on the dentist’s face when she made that request, by the way…

So here we are. Ahead of pace just a smidge. We’re rolling over. We’re getting onto all fours. And we have a tooth. I’ll have to wait for it to push up a bit more before attempting to take a picture of said tooth for you…right now you can feel the corner of it easier than you can actually see it. Plus, to even get a look at it, you have to convince Jax that he doesn’t want to chew on his fingers for a few seconds…which is next to impossible! I suppose they taste good…


Nikkolish said...

Wow!!!! What an exciting time at your house! And I totally agree that it's sad too. I always heard people say that kids grow up too fast, but I never understood it until I became a mom.

I hope all this new stuff means that you'll be getting more sleep soon!! =]

Natalie said...

OMG - I can't believe it was teething this whole time! I do hope that you're all getting some more sleep now that you know what the culprit is!

I'm sooo impressed that Jax is rolling already. He's definitely ahead of the game!