Thursday, November 18, 2010


Well, hello there!  Yes, I've been missing in action...maybe you've noticed and worried about me?  Maybe you haven't...either way, we're alive.  But just barely.

Y'all, my house is sick.  My WHOLE house.  Is. SOOOOOO. Sick.

I have had it twice now, I think.  Brent's had it at least once.  Jax (the main instigator) is also on his second round, except this round is kicking his little butt.  This time he had to go see the doctor.  And get chest x-rays and a nebulizer came home with us. 

He's got croup. 

Uggghhh...just hearing that word gives me shivers. 

And he's running fever, so that means no day care. 

Do you know how hard it is to take care of a baby when he's sick and YOU'RE sick?!?!  It's no fun...

I'm exhausted.  Mentally, emotionally and physically.  Brent's in the same dark place.  We both look like we're on our way to a funeral half of the time...but maybe things are improving.  I hate to even type that for fear of jinxing myself.  But he's not running fever today, and I haven't given him anything for the fever since 1am this cross your fingers that he continues down this better path. 

We need to work full days so we don't lose our jobs.  We need sleep.  We all need time to heal and get well.  Maybe we need that the most.  I took two vitamins this morning...just in case.  LOL! 

I hope that your week is going better...see you soon...maybe.

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Natalie said...

And you've been missed! I really hope your house has recovered and you're all healthy again! A sick house is the absolute pits!