Sunday, November 7, 2010

Can We Spell Rough – R-U-F-F?

You know how sometimes you think to yourself how it might be nice if one of the kids got a little bit sick so that you could squeeze in a three-day weekend?  What’s that?  You mean to tell me that I’m the ONLY Mom that’s ever had that thought? 
Now, to clarify, I certainly don’t mean to say that I would wish illness on my kiddos.  Something small like a cold.  They run a little bit of a temperature – just enough to keep them out of school and sort of tired, but not high enough so that there would be something really wrong with them.  No, you’re right…no matter how I try to say it, it just sounds wrong.   Well, don’t worry about hating me…I got what I deserved these last two weekends!
First off, Jenna got sick.  To make a long story short, she complained about a “bug bite” early during the week before last and I blew it off and chalked it up to the typical drama that goes along with my eight year-old girl.  (She’s sort of a hypochondriac…)  Well, by Friday it had gotten red and was hot to the touch, her whole throat was swollen and the actual “bite spot” was leaking pus.  Yeah, say it with me…EEEEWWWW!  Double eeewww.  After a quick trip to the dr office on Friday afternoon, I had the sh*t literally scared out of me when the dr uttered these words: staph infection.  I took the dr with the severity that the situation called for and Jenna got a double shot (one in each leg) of a strong antibiotic.  We made an appt for the following morning, and were actually pre-admitted to our local hospital in case she worsened over the night.  Oh wait…I was supposed to be making this short, right?
We went back to the dr on Saturday.  Followed again by another appt on Sunday.  We started oral antibiotics and a steroid.  She improved, and it turned out to be an actual bug bite and not a staph infection at all.
But it made for a pretty crappy weekend. 
Then you know about my week of sleepless nights
And on Thursday when we picked Jax up from day care, they were concerned about the goop in his left eye.  He wasn’t running any fever…or maybe it was low grade, he wouldn’t keep the pacifier/thermometer in his mouth long enough to truly register…but he was cranky and seemed out of sorts.  I also noticed that the left eye seemed red and swollen.  I called the after-hours clinic and made an appt for the first thing the next morning with our regular doctor. 
We showed up…after an ok night…and found out that he has pink eye.  Nice.  So I got my Friday off of work, but had a sick little man to take care of.  He really wasn’t too bad…but still.  And then Brent got sent home from work for the afternoon since his boss was worried about Brent also having pink eye (knowing how contagious) it can be and so we were both home early.  Which was nice. 
But by today?  I’m tired.  I’m ready to go back to work to get a break.  He’s cranky, he doesn’t feel good, but doesn’t really feel bad either.  And the sleeping?  Oh last night was SO much worse than he’s been for the last 5 nights or so…
Oh, and he’s got a bad diaper rash from the antibiotics giving him diarrhea…like his little butt is so raw that it’s bleeding every once in a while sort of bad.  And we’re only on day 3 of the 10-day cycle of antibiotics…
But on a less complain-y sounding note – our boy can ROLL!!!  Yep, you read that right – he’s mobile.  Day care told us either Wednesday or Thursday that he was rolling from back to front, but the little stinker waited until today to show us his cool trick.  But we’ll one-up the day care ladies…not only did he finally show us how he could roll from back to front, but he also pushed WAY up on his forearms…AND…rolled from front to back.  Of course, I don’t really think that he meant to do that last trick since he looked as shocked as we did! 
But now that he’s done it once, it’s only a matter of time before he’s doing it all the time…which means that he’s mobile.  And no, I have no pictures of the great event since we were doing a bit of nakey-nakey time when he did this to try and treat the above-mentioned diaper rash.  Oh well, maybe next time I’ll take pictures and we’ll just let it be our secret that those pictures aren’t really the real first roll over pictures.
You know, sort of like when you dress your kids up in the outfit that they wore the first day of school two weeks after school started because you forgot your camera that day…since no one but you will ever know, right?  Note to the masses: that trick only works until the kids get old enough to tell on you…and they WILL rat you out.  Trust me on this!
So here’s to long weekends and going back to work on Monday mornings…I’ve never been so glad to see Sunday night!


Nikkolish said...

Yikes! Sounds like you're having a bit of a rough patch for sure! I hope both the kiddos are feeling better today...and that you got a little time to be an adult at work today. Yay for rolling over though...totally awesome!

Pamela Hutchins said...

Uh oh. That was a tough week and weekend. I am so glad that Jenna did not have staph infection and that the bug bite wasn't any more serious. Scary!
I've always heard that babies who are not sleepers/are challenging turn into the easy kids later. I wouldn't know this personally, b/c all 5 of ours were good sleepers and challenging kids,,,,,so I have experience with bad sleeper/good kid, but it sounds good when other people say it ;)