Friday, September 3, 2010

Six Weeks Post-Baby

Well, I can hardly believe that it's been six weeks! Is that from lack of sleep or have I just gone crazy from the endless hours of crying that's happened in my ear? You would think that six weeks gone by would feel longer than it does, but I swear that it's not just me. My mom called this morning and when I said that I was leaving the drs office she got all worried that something was wrong. I quickly reassured her that I was fine and had just gone in for my six week check-up and even she was like "Has it REALLY been that long?!?!"

So's not just the lack of sleep...or the crying that makes time fly!

Just kidding. There have just been a few bad days - about the crying that is. But it really HAS been six weeks. And I really can't comprehend that the time has flown by so quickly. I've got two weeks of maternity leave left, and although for the most part I think that I'm ready to go back to work there's still a small part of me that won't ever be ready.

But back to what I meant to write's so easy for me to get lost on tangents, sorry. So I was sure to ask today about that pain in my lower abdomen that I was asking you all about the other day. I was prepared to hear the worst (and no as much as I really wanted to, I did NOT google my symptoms!) and I was pleasantly suprised.

She told me that a "tugging" sensation is normal around the incision site. She further explained that so much tissue is cut through and then re-connected around the incision site, that the stiching done down there is pretty extensive. She also explained that the ends of the incisions are the most likely place for hernias to occur, so often times she puts in a few extra stitches or makes the re-connection extra taut. She assured me that it would go away over time...and I just need to be patient.

Maybe she doesn't remember my pregnancy? Maybe she's forgotten since she doesn't see my weekly anymore that patience really isn't one of my strengths?? I just smiled, nodded my head and said "I'll try."

In other great news, I was re-weighed today on what I consider to be my "official scale." You know that the one at home is never really accurate unless you have a really nice, expensive good scale. And if you've been reading a while now, you'll already know that I'm cheap/frugal/whatever-you-want-to-call-it and can surmise that I bought the scale at Wal-Mart that cost $9.99. So maybe it's just my scale that's in a constant state of inaccuracy...

Either way, I got weighed today and I am PROUD (so, so proud) to report that I am officially 14 pounds UNDER my pregnancy start weight! That's less than I weighed when I got married, guys...and I worked really hard to get to my wedding weight! I guess that just goes to show that all of those old wive's tales about breastfeeding and weight loss after a pregnancy are true, because you know that I haven't been dieting, right? I eat a LOT. And I do mean a LOT. And it's not all healthy and nutritious food. I promise you that I'm eating candy, brownies and Oreo's every single day...and pizza twice a week.

Here's a picture to show me off:
I swear that I'm not trying to be all annoying and "look at me!"-ish about losing weight, but I am really stoked about it! The dress that you see me in there? That was the dress that I wore to my wedding rehearsal dinner and it wasn't that loose on me at that time. I promise! Now, that's not to say that all of my clothes are fitting as well...I did manage to get back into my "skinny" jeans last week, but my "super skinny" jeans won't even button up. Or come close to buttoning up...but still, progress is being made.

Maybe I should try to go to the gym sometime in the next two weeks? What a novel concept! That might help tighten what's still a bit flabby...even though the weight says one number, that doesn't always mean that the clothes fit the same! But we're making progress!

Anyway, I've got the "All Clear" go-ahead from the dr on all activities - working out, s-e-x, taking hot baths, and carrying whatever I'd like to carry. I'm all healed, healthy and happy. And I got my prescription for birth control too! I nearly left without getting it, but that wouldn't have been good - Lord knows that I don't need another little one running around to add to the mayhem...

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Natalie said...

Wow! 14lbs under your pre-pregnancy weight! You look amazing!!!