Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update: Worst Phone Call...Ever

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I got some advice from some of my lovely readers the other day, so first up – THANKS! I really appreciated all of you chiming in through comments and emails to help make me feel better and give me some advice on where to go from there.

Now on to the update.

First things first, the actual cut (or spot where he split his head open) was NOT on his eyelid, like originally reported to us. Tanner was pretty out of it that day, and we were getting information from Tanner’s mother. Who, as it turns out, didn’t even leave work to go and take care of this…she just let her Dad handle things, which is pretty typical. So what she was telling us was actually third-hand information and so entirely accurate. He actually busted his head right on his eyebrow bone (if that makes sense) and just the angle of it and all is what caused the ER physician to not be able to do proper stitches. But the butterflies have held, and the patch over his eye is keeping things clean. I believe that he goes back today to get it cleaned up and the patch removed.

Second, his also did strike his face to the side and slightly under the eye, which has given him a nice “raccoon” look and a heck of a shiner! It’s been pretty painful and he told us that he’s 4 different shades of green, blue, purple and yellow right now…at least the yellow indicates some healing, which is about the only good news that he’s got to offer.

As far as his future in sports for the next few months, he’s benched until #1 ) he loses the eye patch and #2) just until the wound above his eye heals enough to get wet and all. So they’re now expecting him to just be out for about two weeks, unlike the initial two months that we heard the other day. Baseball season still looks good, depending of course on how he feels. It shouldn’t be a problem though, and Tanner’s spirits were MUCH improved hearing that!

Now for the school and their reaction. I’m proud to say that the school district has come through and is going to be doing the right thing. The school principal called Tanner’s mother on Friday apologized profusely both for the Coach’s actions/negligence (to which he freely admitted) and for the manner in which the Asst. Principal had handled her call the previous day. He told her that the school was accepting full responsibility for the incident and that not only would they be covering any and ALL of Tanner’s medical bills, but that this was prompting a change in athletic procedure to include a temperature level at which the children should not be performing their athletics outdoors.

Common sense should really have covered that one, but I guess it really must be spelled out in black and white for some people…don’t get me started.

Basically he called to kiss her ass. And kiss it he did. But it got the desired effect; any and all discussions with/about lawyers have stopped. Like I said before, the point was for the school to accept responsibility and do the right thing by paying for the medical bills incurred from this accident. We were sort of worried that once the idea of a possible liability payout hit her brain that she would take that and run with it, because that’s just the type of person that she is. But it seems that she’s satisfied with the bills being covered and is happy with the situation now.

So thanks for all of your help, kind words and general warm fuzzies that you might have sent our way…it worked! I like to report good endings, don’t you?

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