Friday, February 11, 2011

"Yum, Yum" Mom!

Now that Jax has moved onto solid foods, feeding time has become...well, messy is the best way to describe it. I really thinks that he plays with the food more than he actually eats any of the food, but I'm sure that it's still good for him to try, right? We've started putting him in his high chair while we eat and giving him a few table scraps (whatever is safe for him to have).

Then you just sit back and watch the show. Babies are surely entertaining - that's for sure! There's no telling if he's going to attempt to eat the food or just smash it and crumble it all over the place. Either way, you get a mess. Depending on the food, it can be a really big mess.

He's teething right now and in an attempt to soothe him and occupy his fussiness a little while trying to cut those difficult top teeth, I looked in the pantry last night for something to give him that would feel good on his gums. Enter the Animal Cracker. (Yes, I know...I read that article too about the hidden trans fat, and I did pause before I gave it to him. But in the end, I still gave it to him - sanity ruled, sorry!)

He eagerly took the cracker and like most everything these days, put it right into his mouth. Then took it out. Put it back in...repeat this about a hundred times and three animal crackers later. This is what you get:

First it's that all-too-innocent look - "Who? Me? What did I do?" Do you see the pieces of the animal cracker laying off to the side? Those were the rejects. Trust me, they're not nearly as solid as they appear to me...they were more...mushy. Fun.  Want a close up on that face?

And just in case you think that it's not that bad, the outfit was's what it looked like after the animal crackers got combined with his dinner of corn casserole and pears...

Ah, solid food...such a fun and CLEAN stage! LOL!

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