Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just Think the Word “Diet” and You’ll Lose Weight…

…if you’re a MAN, that is!

How unfair is that? Please don’t tell me that I’m all alone in this, ladies. Surely there are others of you out there in the same predicament. Here’s the scoop:

At the beginning of January, I noticed that although I had lost more than my original pre-pregnancy weight in the months following Jax’s birth, those pounds seemed to have found me again. My pants were tight and slightly uncomfortable, but I’m too cheap to buy new ones so therefore, I decided to lose some weight. I’m not as obsessed over the number showing on the scale, but how my clothes fit…or don’t fit as the case may be. So I bought this video…and started a workout plan with my buddy…and then life hit me.

Jax got sick, I got a LOT less sleep…and working out just took a back burner. I was still eating well (or trying to) and all, but I know that won’t be enough now. I’m of an age where I need the activity to burn the calories. Don’t you just hate getting older?

Anyway, as I was talking about all of this before I actually started any of it, my husband (who tries to work out a lot more than I do) jumps on the bandwagon too. He decides to watch what he’s eating too (so that I’m not alone) and steps up his workouts. Life happened to him too, but didn’t affect him like it did me.

Here’s the stats:

Early January – Sandy works out 4-5 days a week, watches what she eats and loses 2 pounds in a week! Woohoo…yea…go me! Brent watches what he eats, works out the same nights as Sandy, thinks the word “diet” and miraculously loses 7 pounds in one week.

Mid-January – All workouts come to a screeching halt with the arrival of the first ear infection. Sandy continues to watch what she eats. Maintains weight loss from the week before. Yea! Although also not working out as often as the week before, and still watching what he eats, Brent manages to drop an additional 5 pounds.

Late January (read THIRD week of the same ear infection) – Working out? What’s that? Not eating sweets? Well, how else am I supposed to stay awake? Oh good, I’ve still kept those pesky two pounds off. Yippee. (Sandy says all of this in a tone that drips with sarcasm.) Brent continues to watch what he eats and resumes his work outs like a good boy. He loses another 6 pounds. WTH?

Wait. Let me emphasize that again: What. The. Hell?

How unfair is it that guys can do this? That they can think to themselves that their pants are getting tight and then within a week they’ve shed 10 pounds from somewhere unbeknownst to us womenfolk and they fit nice and easy into their pants again. While we have to just about sweat blood to lose the same 10 pounds. I say that it’s highly unfair.

Brent tries to console me. He tells me how sexy I am. How attractive he finds me. Those two statements usually work, but on really bad days he pulls out the “big guns” and uses the “I have a lot more to lose than you do, dear” speech that I just about hate hearing at this point. And although that statement might be correct, it doesn’t really soothe my ego that much. I once again vow to jump on the workout wagon and get my butt into shape again.

But the reality is that my work out schedule depends on too many other unreliable factors. Mainly Jax and how much he sleeps or doesn’t sleep. Or whatever else is going on in our life that I feel I need to work on rather than working out. Those could be PWA projects, homework/school projects with Jenna, or cooking a good dinner and being too tired after putting forth all that effort on dinner to work out later. (Why can’t cooking burn more calories? I’d be a calorie burning machine these days, if that were true!)

Oh well, it is what it is. Right? I’ll once again try to work out more, which will speed up the weight loss…and I’ll continue to watch what I eat. I can even try to step up my workouts by doing a little mini-workout on my lunch hour a few times a week. But I guarantee you that he will continue to “out-lose” me in the weight loss category!

So unfair…

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