Wednesday, August 4, 2010

He Didn't Sleep Last Night maybe that helps to explain my absence today. I don't know what to say about yesterday...but you get the drift.

This is the first time this has happened, but he literally could NOT be comforted or soothed or stop making all the little baby noises that he's so fond of making.

We tried Mylicon, because Jenna was a baby with LOTS of gas issues and this made sense to me. No go.

We tried walking. Yeah, it went ok...for five minutes at a time. And then the screaming/crying started again.

We tried rocking. He no likey so much.

We tried everything under the sun known to cure fussy babies. The only thing that worked? Bringing him to lay beside me in bed. Not beside Brent...but me. Because apparently I smell better. Or something. Who knows.

The good news? He totally skipped his 3am feeding and slept until 5am. The bad news? He was awake from his 10pm feeding until after 1am...I'm not sure that one offsets the other at this point.

So there's been a lot of naps today. You know the whole "sleep when they sleep" theory? Yeah, I really put it to the test today. Of course, now it's late in the day and I need to stay awake so that I'll sleep tonight.

At least that's my theory. Brent's theory is to sleep all he can now so that someone will be awake to care for the little stinker tonight...we'll keep you posted on what happens! (Not that you don't have better things to do, but still.)

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