Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Survey Says!

Well, first off - the survey says that he's a keeper! But that's not what I meant to tell you about...
Survey says - it's an innie!
If you ask me, that is. Brent thinks that it's an outie because there is a raised ridge around the actual belly button, but I think that will go down as he gets older.

He lost his little cord stub last night at some point between diaper changes, and my Mom's just been SO curious to find out if he's got an innie or an outie. I would think that it would be an innie since both Brent and I are innies (except when I'm pregnant!), but you never know. But it's official now - he's got an innie.

I was sort of freaked out when I discovered it. Like I said, it was between diaper changes (oh, the hundreds of diapers that you go through these first few weeks!) and Brent had changed him last. I would have thought that if it was missing, he would have mentioned it, and he didn't say anything so I thought that I was discovering it for the first time.

The cord stub had BARELY been hanging on for the past two days, and despite the hospital telling us not to do anything to care for it, I started putting alcohol on it yesterday afternoon. You know, just a little bit rubbed around the base of the stub to help it "dry out." Don't freak out, this is what I was supposed to do with each diaper change eight years ago when I had my daughter, so I knew that it was ok. It's just that apparently the thing to do now according to my medical professionals was just to leave it alone and let it fall when it falls.

That's all well and good, but he's a week and a half old now and this boy needs a bath! And more than the "spit bath" that we've given him a couple of times. You know what I'm saying?

So I had treated it just one time with alcohol when I changed his diaper and then Brent had the next diaper and didn't say anything. By the time it was my turn next, it was gone!

And by gone - I mean, literally gone. Not fallen into his diaper. Not fallen into his clothes. Not down in the blanket that he'd been swaddled up in. Nowhere to be found. And THAT was NOT going to work for me - I asked Brent to please search the floors for it until it was found. I did not want one of us to be stepping on something crunchy, you know?

Luckily for him, he found it right away and it was disposed of properly. I'm really big on saving things, I'll readily admit to that. But the cord stub that was all crunchy and nasty? No thanks. I'll save something else later!

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