Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our "Big" Third-Grader

I put the word big into quotes because she's probably the smallest third grader in the whole school...our little runt!

Yesterday was her first day of school and there were SO many changes between this year and last year! This year she's become aware of what she's wearing and a little "fashionista" is starting to emerge - there's no longer any shopping to be done without her being present. She's very aware of her appearance this year, especially conscientious about her teeth. I can't help you there kid - thank Grammy and Mommy's good genes for those beauties! She's got a dental check-up later on during the month and I just know it will result in a consultation with an orthodontist...

This year also brought on the embarrassment factor. She rolled her eyes when I brought out the camera yesterday morning, and although she wanted me (and Jax) to walk her inside to her classroom instead of just dropping her off, she told me in no uncertain terms that I was NOT to bring the camera inside. The thought of me taking her picture of her first day of school in front of her friends was just too much to bear! Then, when we walked inside and she saw other (older) kids having their pictures taken by their parents, she conceded that I could have brought my camera too...

I was a good Mom and just went along with it...she was nervous enough as it these were snapped right before we got in the car to leave the house.
She was insistent about me walking her inside, then when we got to her classroom it was "Peace. I'm out." No good-bye. No hugs. No "I love you, Mom." Okay, I'll admit to exagerrating a bit...she did not actually say the words peace or the phrase I'm out. But she might as well have. She walked right into her room and started socializing (talking) and dear old Mom was left in the hallway.

Don't worry - I didn't let her get away with that...I made her come back out and give me a hug. But I conceded the point that she IS growing up and I did it around the side of the door so that her friends wouldn't see...because I remember what it's like to be eight years old, starting 3rd grade - the smallest one in the classroom, with the biggest front teeth!

The good news? She'll grow into her teeth and they'll give her a beautiful smile one day that everyone will compliment her on. The bad news? It'll be a few years yet before that happens!

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