Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Busy, Busy Weekend

This past weekend was a busy one for us, thus my absence of late. I'm still working on my feeding journal with Jax, we're still having some issues, and I've done TONS more research online to try and resolve things, and I promise that I'll update on that one day later this week. But for now, I'll tell you about our weekend!

First off, we only had the one kiddo this weekend. This is how our schedule works: Brent gets Tanner every 1st, 3rd and if there is a 5th Friday of the month for that weekend; I get Jenna every other weekend except for when her Dad and I need to swap weekends for this or that; and of course, we have Jax 24/7. So at any given point in time we always have one kiddo now, and possibly two or three kiddos, depending on the schedule. This weekend it was just us and Jax.

And he is doing so well at adjusting to a schedule (or maybe I should say that we've finally found a schedule that he's ok with following!) that we decided that take the weekend and "celebrate." Friday night I had my first strawberry pina colada since last Thanksgiving (that's when we found out we were pregnant) and it was yummy yummy yummy. Yes, I got a buzz! And as much as it just hurt me to pump the milk out and throw it away, I was a good mommy and did just that.

Then on Saturday, we hosted a small BBQ with some of our friends at our house. There were a few friends who still haven't managed to come by at good times to meet Jax, so we bought some chicken and fixins and fired up the grill (a cold front came through Austin and it was only in the 90's at the end of the week!) and had some friends over. A good time was had by all, and I'm proud to say that everyone respected our new status as parents and they all left around 9pm...thanks, guys!

On Sunday we took a road trip. Or just a Sunday drive, if you want to be technical. Brent found a new grouping of restaurants out in between San Marcos and Wimberly and we decided to drive out that way (towards Devil's Backbone) and check them out. The restaurants have actually been there a while now, but they're new to us and those areas are growing so much that we just spent the late morning/early afternoon driving around checking out all the changes in those areas.

I'm happy to say that the pizza and small brewery that makes up the Wimberly Brewing Co. was awesome! The establishment seems to be family owned and operated and everything that we had was yummy...from the New York style pizza, to the amber ale that Brent tried out and including the pecan brownie that I couldn't resist for dessert. It was all good - go check it out if you're in the area. There are actually three restaurants there, and we'll definitely be going back there to try out the other two!

We pulled off the road to snap some pictures of our day. Here are some of the views that we took in...the Texas Hill Country just doesn't get any prettier than this!
We also took a quick self-portrait from the top of Devil's Backbone...I swear that I didn't feel anywhere near as rough as I look!
I'm glad to say that Jax did well during the ride. He woke up a time or two to put in his two cents, but other than those brief moments, he was a good little traveler. He did wake up while we ate so that he could eat too, but in the family establishment, we were the only customers (it was late for lunch) and I think the owners said they have 13 kids we fit right in sitting there enjoying our lunch while taking turns feeding him a bottle while we ate!

But when we got home, Jax and I curled up and Brent snuck this shot in...
It was a great weekend. Did you do something nice and relaxing too?

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AmandaW said...

Love that pic of you and Jax! Good for Brent for picking up the camera!

I miss the Hill Country so much! Wimberly is one of my favorite places. Reminds me of college and being able to just hop in the car and run out there for a new candle! Or me and Crystal going to Wimberly Pie Company to get some chocolate pecan pies! YUMMMM!