Sunday, August 1, 2010

Daddy's First Poopy Diaper!

As any Mom knows, it doesn't take long for your newborn to make you his/her first "present." And lucky for me, I was still in Recovery when it happened, so Dad got the pleasure of handling this task!

The nurses moved us from the L&D rooms into a regular maternity (after birth) room and gave Brent all sorts of instructions on what was allowed and not as far as handling the baby and where we could and could not take him in the maternity wing of the hospital. At this point, Jax decided to make his first "present."

Lucky for Brent, our fabulous nurse, Megan, was on hand for some instructions...
Megan also gave Brent a lesson in the art of swaddling a newborn...
And this turned out to be a natural skill for Brent - he's now known around our house as the "Baby Burrito King!"Everyone got a little more cuddling time with Jax, and then Brent left the room to go back and check on me again. But according to hospital policy, either Mom or Dad has to be with the baby at all times, or else the baby goes to the nurses. So do you think that stopped my Mom? Nope. She just trotted on down to the nurses desk to get her cuddle time in!
Once Brent came back, he was able to take Jax back to the room, and look who had shown up - Big Brother! Check out the smile on his face when he gets to hold Jax for the first time...
Now, they wheel me into the room...finally...and you can see my hand in this picture - the FIRST picture taken of me while in the hospital!
I'm really not sure why we didn't take any pictures while we were in the L&D room...I guess there was other stuff on our minds! It was after this flash went off that the "No Pictures!" mandate went into effect...can you blame me? I look like death warmed over!
I'm not vain or anything, but good grief...I look B.A.D.!

A little bit later that afternoon, Jenna showed up. When I first asked her if she wanted to hold Jax, she said no. She was scared that she would drop him. But she was looking at him with such wonder in her eyes, that I cautiously scooted over in my bed to make some room for her and she climbed in to sit beside me. I told her that we could hold him together so that he stayed safe. After she figured out that she could sit and hold him, she didn't want to put him down!
And there's Grandma (Brent's step-mom) giving a heling hand as well!
I think that Jenna's visit pretty much wrapped up that first full day in the hospital for us. After the kids left, most everyone else did too. I was tired, and sick to my stomach, and just having an overall rough time of it, and everyone was understanding enough to give us a little time and space.

I won't lie...the time up until this point that I had been in the hospital had been rough but my son was here, in my arms, safe and sound and I was recovering nicely as well. I mean, what girl wouldn't be happy to be upgraded from a diet of only ice chips for the past 28 hours to clear liquids?!?! That dinner of chicken broth, Jell-O and apple juice was the best thing that I'd tasted in my whole life!

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