Friday, August 27, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

They really do...there are some days that I consider myself to be a fairly funny person, but I kid you not that our kids (one of the three) crack us up on a daily basis. Since we don't have them all the time, I guess it's not really a daily basis, but you know what I mean.

Now Jax doesn't really say all that much yet. He's not saying anything right now, as he's been crying so long that he's starting to sound hoarse...but that's just how some days go, right? He obviously can't talk yet, but I guarantee you that he's the loudest or noisiest baby you've ever met. And I'm not referring to his crying jags. I'm talking about normal, every day baby noises. Grunts, groans, whimpers and squeals...he's got your baby beat hands down! He might not be the brightest, smartest or most ahead of his age group on other things (like some Moms, I'm not all about comparing my baby's progress to the next child's)...but he can out-grunt, out-groan or just flat out make more noise than any other baby that I've ever know. And that's when he's sound asleep! LOL!

Tanner comes up with some good ones too. But Jenna, she's the source of most of our laughter. She says the strangest things. And the funniest part of it all is that she's not even trying to be funny. Of course, once she realizes that we think whatever she did is funny, she continues to ham it up like a good little comedian. Here's a couple of her most recent Jenna-isms...

The other night we were giving ourselves a rare treat by eating out and in typical fashion, Brent and I were getting a good chuckle out of some of the other patrons in the restaurant. (Oh, don't judge, you know that you do it too! I mean, people just make it so easy sometimes!) But I guess that we're going to have to learn to be a little less obvious about it, because Jenna caught on to who we were talking about and what we were making fun of - there was a man in the restaurant that was wearing what had to be the worlds shortest pair of pants that can still be called pants on a man. And he was short to boot, one of the shortest men that I can ever remember seeing, and of course, we were making fun of his pants as we tend to do.

When out of the blue, baby girl pipes up and says "Well, maybe they're just pants for miniatures."

Excuse me, say what? Miniatures? When we asked her what she meant, she said "You know, the little short people. Miniatures." After rolling on the floor in laughter, and getting the image of life-size porcelain figurines moving around life-like, we explained to Jenna that they're not called miniatures, but midgets. Or litte people, not little short people.

We're still laughing over that one...and it's been almost a week ago now.

Or when the other day we were driving somewhere and Jax was in his car seat a bit upset about being confined, or in the car, or just upset to be upset. Who knows? Anyway, we were discussing his crying and how to soothe him, when Jenna pipes up from the back seat and says "Well, I don't know about you, but I just rub his nose and he gets real quiet. Maybe you should try that." And she just said it so matter-of-factly, like it was common sense to rub a crying baby's nose to get him to stop.

We had a good laugh at her over that one. Until later that evening when we were at home and Jax was upset about something else and sure enough, Jenna walked right over after Brent and I had both tried every trick up our sleeves to make him quit crying (to no avail) and started gently stroking his nose - top to bottom and over again. Wouldn't you know that he not only stopped crying but WENT TO SLEEP?!??!?

Yeah, turns out that she had the last laugh on that Jenna-ism! And the really funny part? It only works for Jenna. Brent and I have both tried it, and although it sometimes helps him stop crying for me, it doesn't work as well as when Jenna does it. And it doesn't seem to work at all when Brent does it. Jenna's offered him some advice on how to do it better...but that didn't help matters either!

So for all the times that they might drive you to least they provide laughter right along with it! Children are truly a blessing...

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