Monday, August 30, 2010

Tummy Time - Love/Hate?

Well, I'm hoping that this is normal for most I'll ask my other Moms out there and see what kind of response I get.

Does your infant love...or hate...tummy time?

Jax passed his one month mark last week, actually almost a week and a half ago so we tried tummy time for a little while this past weekend. I can't really say with any degree of believability that it was a rousing success. He does SO well holding his head up off of our shoulders now that I thought that it was time to try some tummy time. But maybe I jumped the gun a bit.

Here's some pics so that you can decide...At first he's just hanging out, not really sure what's going on...

Then he's like "Hey, what a minute...something's different here."

He does manage to lift his head up and turn it a few times, just checking out the situation...

And now he's NOT that happy with this new thing!

Finally, he's back in his "normal" position on his Boppy and he's thinking "Now THIS is more like it!"

Yeah, I know that he's still cute, Mom...but I don't really think that he was all that crazy about tummy time.

Maybe that's just the way that it's supposed to be at first. You try new things and since it's a new thing, they're not sure how to respond. Maybe he'll grow to like it. And yes, we tried it both with the Boppy and without the Boppy...there wasn't much difference in how he reacted. It was all around a "what the heck are you doing NOW you crazy lady?" look on his face no matter if I used the pillow or not.

Oh well. I'm sure it won't be the last time in his life that he has THAT thought!! LOL!

So what do you think Moms...did your little one take to tummy time immediately, or did he/she grow to love it? Or would getting one of those tummy time play mats maybe help things out? I hadn't thought about that before...or maybe am I trying tummy time a bit too early?

What do you think?

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