Thursday, August 12, 2010

National Fussy Baby Day???

Calling all Moms out there...was it just me, or was your baby especially fussy yesterday? Like between the hours of 1pm and 10pm? Yeah, makes for a long afternoon and evening. I hear you...

On the one hand, I hope that it wasn't just my baby. And on the other hand, I really hope that I had some company in my misery. I don't wish bad things on you all, but I was using every trick that I have in my book and NOTHING was working.

I didn't know what was going on, I've had to limit my dairy intake in an effort to relieve his dirty diaper problems and I hadn't cheated in two that wasn't it. It seemed as if all of the signs that he was giving out were for upset tummy/gas, but he didn't burp/fart before he calmed down. You know, to take a break before he started up again within 10 minutes.

So, in desperation, at his 10pm feeding last night, I made up a bottle of formula and tried that. I can't really say that it worked. He slept like a champ (according to my wonderful Aunt who stayed up with him and let me go to bed!) until sometime around 3am and then took a breast-milk bottle and went right back to sleep. Until I scooped him up around 6:30am and we climbed into my bed to snuggle a bit before his 7am feeding.

Since those last two feedings, and ALL feedings today were breastmilk...I really don't know what was going on. Which leads me to believe that maybe, just maybe, it was National Fussy Baby Day and I didn't get the memo. That HAD to be the problem!

He's been good all day long today, and right now he's perfectly content after his bathtime with Daddy to lay on a blanket on the floor behind me and let me crank out a few posts...yeah, I know...regular posts...what a concept! In celebration, I thought I'd share some shots of the little guy. Enjoy!

See how happy he is tonight? Yeah, different story from last night...
He wasn't really sure what that crazy lady with the bright light was doing...but whatever!
See that mark right below his mouth? Yeah, he did that tonight while feeding...scratched himself. I need to trim his nails tonight when he drifts off for a bit...
See all of that fuzzy hair? Maybe there IS something to those old wives tales about heartburn during pregnancy means your baby will come out with lots of hair!
And here's my favorite shot of the night. I zoomed in too close, so I had to take it to black/white for it to show up...
Isn't he sweet?!?!

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