Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Great Bedding Debate

Yes, I know what you're thinking...ANOTHER post about bedding? Sorry, guys, but like I said it's on my mind a LOT right now! The countdown to my first shower is FAST approaching, and I would like some of these decisions made NOW.

Have ya’ll heard of a place that I wrote about the other day – called OK, smarty pants...your answer can’t be yes, we’ve heard of it you big bimbo – YOU told us about it! I mean, had you heard of it BEFORE I mentioned it...or have you gone to check it out yet?

Well, even though I had looked there to grab the images of the other bedding that I had found at, it didn’t occur to me until three days later to check there for OTHER bedding, duh, right? I mean, if they had pictures (that I could snag) of all of those other options, maybe they would have even more, huh?

Since I’m still restricted to the whole “no animals” policy, here are some others that I saw that caught my eye and I had to share them with you guys.

First up – more sports...

Little Champ by Beansprout

Cooperstown by CocaloNext down the line? Transportation themes...

Travel Time by Bedtime Originals Mosaic Transport by Kids Line Now for some new themes...

Lil Builder by Eddie Bauer Rock ‘N Roll by Lambs & IvyAnd just for grins...some that are just colors and patterns...

Aidan by Cocalo Couture Daniel by Bananafish All images sourced from here.

Man – that gives me LOTS more options, huh? Maybe too many? Then again, I haven’t shown any of these to Mr. Picky yet...I’m sure that he’ll help me narrow down the selection.

For you moms out there – past, present and future –are you planning on doing something traditional for your nursery? Or maybe going a little outside of the norm for your nursery d├ęcor? I LOVE what All Things G&D did for her nursery...took a tank top with colors/design that she loved and developed her nursery around that – just completely original. But I don’t know that I’m creative enough to do that...what do you think?

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