Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This Baby Needs to Move!

OMG...I have just a few words...back pain and pregnancy. The two seem to go hand in hand for me, as this was something that I dealt with when I was pregnant with my daughter...and I really thought that maybe I would escape it this time around – yeah, not so much.

At first, I thought that it was because of the house remodeling that we’ve been doing. We’re getting close to the end, and the downstairs is really shaping up! Which is VERY exciting for me to type, but getting close to the end means that we’ve been doing a lot of hard work. Now, in recent weeks, the Hubs has rolled his eyes when I make comments that start with “We’re putting in tile...” because according to him there’s no WE to the fact – HE’S laying the tile. Then I remind him that I’m the one that puts in the grout...which is just as back-breaking as laying the actual tile. Although he still grumbles a bit, he does agree with me eventually.

So after grouting a particularly large area of our kitchen floor two weekends ago, my back hurt. No big surprise there, right? Hello, crazy lady – you’re 6 months pregnant and should NOT be on your hand and knees GROUTING a floor...yeah, maybe not. But it needed doing, and I was there with the free time. So after spending the next WHOLE day laying on a heating pad...I decide to hang up my grouting hat – the last bit of tile to be laid was in the laundry room, and B would just have to grout that part himself. Sorry, babe, but lucky for me he completely understood.

Since I can’t grout anymore, I’ve been concentrating on finishing up some of the painting. Most of the walls are all done, but the trim work and doors all need to be painted. That seems easy enough...but maybe not so much. I’ve had a knot in the middle of the right side of my back for almost two weeks now. I get massages, lots of time spent on heating pads, long soaks in the bathtub and lots of TLC, but it just won’t go away.

Then, this week, something new occurs. I’ve noticed that when I lean a certain way, put too much weight on my right leg in a certain position, a BLINDING pain shoots from the lower center of my back down my leg...luckily, I haven’t fallen down yet. But there have been a few times that I couldn’t get out of the bed. I think to myself “Maybe this is a little more than just doing too much, hmmm?” Could it be something similar to what I had when I carried J and she settled on my sciatic nerve and I experienced blinding pain for weeks on end? Well, it could be...

And apparently B agrees with me. After the third night in a row where I couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep without him giving me a backrub first, he got up out of bed and put his workout pants on...and then his shoes. When I asked where he was going his quick response was “To the store for some Icy Hot.” And this was at 11 o’clock at night, when I know that he was dead tired.

I love this man. And he obviously loves me.

And he shows it by bringing me not only Icy Hot, but some type of heat patches to use while at work because sitting on a heating pad all day long at work isn’t helping. And he didn’t just get one for me to try out to see if they helped...he bought two boxes of these things – with 4 pads each in them! Such a concerned dad-to-be! I got another backrub (with Icy Hot) and fell into a decent night’s sleep with the medicine working away on my tight muscles.

I’m a lucky lady, I tell you!

So I’m thinking that baby boy needs to move on over...find another something to give Mom a break. I know that HE likes whatever spot he’s in because he’s currently kicking up a storm and managing to do the cha-cha on both sides of my belly somehow...but I think that he would like a spot just a smidge higher just as good. Now I just have to convince HIM of that! Wish me luck!

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