Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two Schools of Thought...

It seems that when you're pregnant, there are two fashion options available out can either try to "hide" the bump with loose flowly shirts and dresses (which really only make it stand out more!) or you can "rock" the bump.

Rocking the bump includes wearing tighter, more form-fitting clothing which accentuates your bump that much more...seeming to shout out the world - "Hey world! I'm pregnant...take a look at my belly!"

If you had to guess...which category would you think that I would fall into? Hmmm...let's take a look and see...Yep - I like to "rock" the bump! And no, that's not a maternity shirt...but doesn't my bump look HUGE in this picture! Compared to the weekly pictures, it really seems to stand out a bit more...must be the outfit.

And mentioning the outfit - this is just more proof that you don't HAVE to limit yourself to just wearing maternity clothes while you're pregnant. Sure, some maternity items are more comfortable...but these capri pants and top are NOT maternity clothes. They're not even all that loose for regular clothes. I'm sure that in my 10th month, I probably won't still fit into these items, but at almost 6 months pregnant, there are still things in my closet that I can wear that are not maternity clothes. Because, let's face it, there will come a time that I won't be able to wear anything else and I'll be sick of wearing maternity clothes by that dressing in my "normal" clothes for as long as possible will really help prolong that time arriving.

These capris are a stretchy type of material, with no buttons or zippers...just pull on and go. I've loved them ever since I bought Ross...on sale...about three years ago. And the top? Also a Ross purchase ($7.99, I think) last year. It sports a high waist (which helps with the bump) and is also some sort of stretchy material. Comfy, comfy, comfy.

And don't worry...J took this picture of me before I went to I DID fix my hair and make-up...and change into dressy sandals before I got to work. I did NOT "rock" the flip flops at work...much as I might want to!

Have a great day!

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