Friday, April 16, 2010

Twenty-Five Weeks

Hey – look at that! I’m actually on time posting my weekly pictures – miracles never cease, I tell you! LOL! I just had some free time last night, so I was able to write up most of this post ahead of time and wait on my weekly update email for the rest of it...that’s the secret to my “success.”

So here we are – another week closer to meeting little Ziggy face-to-face. Well, not THAT much closer, but closer than we were last week! I read somewhere this week that if I was to go into labor now, the doctors would try to save the baby now at this point...even though he would still be VERY premature. So don’t go getting any ideas, Mister – stay right where you are for a bit longer, mmkay?

Actually, you could do Mommy a HUGE favor and move on up just a teensy tiny bit more...that would relieve some of my back problems that I am having right now and would be a great gigantic help to me! Can you do that for me? Just wiggle it up JUST a little bit...I know you like playing soccer with my bladder, but really, it’s more fun to play with my ribs, trust me.

So as you can I wrote about here, I’m still having some issues with my back. Luckily, some of it is getting better as I’ve been “instructed with gentle force” to not touch, look at or THINK about painting anything for at least a week or maybe two, depending on how things go. If I can get rid of the knots in my upper/middle back then maybe the pain that baby is causing by resting on something in my lower back will not seem as bad. I don’t know...but something needs to improve here!

As far as baby’s progress goes, tells me that head to toe, Ziggy now measures about 13.5 inches. His weight is about a pound and a half, right about the size of a rutabaga. Hmmm...more on that in a minute. He’s beginning to exchange some of his long, lean weight for some baby fat, and as he does this his wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out and he’ll look more like a newborn. He’s also growing hair and if I could see it, I could now see color and texture.


A rutabaga, huh? Can I see a show of hands on how many people actually know what a rutabaga looks like? Now this isn’t like that week early on when I had never even heard of a kumquat, much less seen one. I have heard of rutabaga...but for the life of me, am drawing a blank on trying to picture it in my mind. So here’s some help for you in case you’re like me and you are also drawing a blank.


And here are my belly shots for the week. Sorry, it’s a black shirt, so the shot with the shirt down doesn’t show much...just a black bump. But maybe the shot where I raise the shirt tells a bit more. (That’s not a maternity shirt, just one of those regular shirts that are all loose and flowy and then banded at the base – LOVE those right now!)

I’m SO excited – my Mom and step-dad are coming to town this weekend...this will be the first time that she’s seen me since I’ve started to show (last seen at Xmas) and we’re both really excited – just like schoolgirls! So we’ve got a weekend full of family time (and no painting for me!)...just lots of fun stuff!

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