Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kids are Funny!

And anyone who wants to disagree with me about that statement can...but if you can show me someone with a kid that doesn’t LOL and nearly pee their pants at least once a week over something that their kid either did or said, I’ll show you a person with no sense of humor. They do exist out there...they just don’t happen to be friends with me! this is an actual conversation that I had with my 7 year-old daughter last night. You know, 7 years is when they’re in 2nd grade...just starting to try to spell things on their own and really making clicks between how things are spelled and how they sound.

So we’re driving home after soccer practice...LOTS of our funny moment happen in the car, by the way...

S: “J, practice seemed a little empty today...who all was missing?”
J: “I don’t know, Mom.”
S: “Well, I can’t remember everyone’s name, but I’m sure that dad will want to know who all missed practice.” (He’s the coach, remember? He just got his schedule at work mixed up and had to work instead of run the practice last night, so his helper did it.)
J: “Sedona wasn’t there. But she must be sick.”
S: “Why? Was she out at school today too?”
J: “How would I know if she was at school, Mom? (insert rolling of the eyes) She doesn’t go to my school.”
S: “Well, J, I guess that I assumed she did go to your school since you knew she was sick. Like maybe you didn’t see her at school today when you normally do.”
J: “No she doesn’t go to my school. But why else would you miss soccer practice?”

S – thinking in my head...I’ll just let that one go...moving on.

S: “A lot of the boys were out tonight...only Harrison and Ian showed up. That means Michael, Stephen and Juan were all missing.”
J: “Who did you say?”
S: “Michael, Stephen and Juan.”
J: “Hmmm...that’s his name? I thought it was One. You know, like one, two, three.”
S: “What?!?! No, babe, his name is Juan (stretching it out and really pronouncing it clearly). It’s a Hispanic name kinda like John.”
J: “How do you spell it?”
S: “It’s spelled j-u-a-n. And pronounced W-an.”
J: “Are you sure it’s not o-n-e?”
S: “I’m pretty sure, J.”
J: thinks things over for a minute “Well, sounds like Ja-wan to me.”

Yeah, kids are hilarious. She keeps me in stitches anyway...did I ever tell you about the time a few weeks ago when she educated me on the middle of Papa Murphy’s pizza during peak pick-up hour? No? Really? I’ll have to remember to share that one another was a hoot too!

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