Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nighty-Night, Sleep Tight...

Sorry, if you’re not interested in another post about baby registry items...I’ve got them on the brain right now! I guess it’s my upcoming shower in just a little more than a month away that makes me want to finalize some of our choices and clean-up our registry a bit...

Today, we’re going to talk about bedding options. A really exciting topic of conversation, trust me! When you find out you’re pregnant one of two things can typically start immediately start looking for names for boy/girl and nursery decoration options...or you hold off on starting those searches until you know if you’re having a boy or a girl to narrow down your selections. Then again, maybe you’re the type of person that has always known what you would name your little girl, and this is a cinch for you. If you’ve been following along for a while, you know not to even bring up the subject of names to me...although on the update front, baby kicks and responds to B’s favorite name...not that that means anything to me! LOL!

Anyway, so just like I’m a slacker on deciding on a name for Ziggy, I’ve been a bit lax on nursery decisions as well. I know where it will be. And I DO still have my crib and dresser from when my daughter was born (it’s one of those converting beds, so it’s still around) those are two main decisions that are taken care of. But when thinking about décor and nursery mind goes blank and drool starts to fall down my chin. Not really!

You see, I think the problem is that I really, really thought that I would make my crib bedding the next time around. I’m handy with a sewing machine and I would LOVE the fact that I had a hand in in it. Especially after I made Momma Maid’s daughter’s bedding and such...But I have to be honest, and admit that I’m 6 and a half months pregnant...running out of time...and tackling the nursery at this point? A little beyond my reach. It would just be easier to buy a nursery bedding set that comes in a bag with all of the pieces. Right? Right. (Yes, Mom, I hear you!)

So when we went to register...I wasn’t really sure what I wanted. Truthfully, in my head, I LOVE the whole jungle animals and monkeys that are everywhere you look these days. But on the one hand, I don’t want something too trendy...and on the other hand, any suggestion of baby décor with animals has been shot down rather quickly by B. Like, as in no way, no how, uh-uh, forget it!

Since that limited our choices somewhat, the only bedding set we were left with at BRU (where our registry is) was this set by NoJo called “My Little MVP.” Take a look – super cute sports theme ahead!
And here's a close-up of the mobile...And although I like it...I’m not sure that I LOVE it. Even though we haven’t technically started on the upstairs portion of the house in regards to colors and paint and such, I know what we want to do up there (we’ve both already agreed on it all) and those colors don’t really go with what we had in mind. But my hubbie is a sports nut and I thought that he was sold on the bed set that we picked out.

Until I started surfing Craigslist one day last week, just browsing for gently used baby items in case we don’t get some items off of our registry...and I came across a train themed nursery set from Pottery Barn that someone was selling for half the price of the one that we registered for...hmmm...this might take a little thought. So I mentioned what I had seen to B that evening after he got home from work and it turns out that he only picked that bed set in BRU because it was the only one that they had that he liked, but he’s totally open to something long as there are no animals.

Color me silly. I never thought to look anywhere else...until now. Check out what else I found in just a few minutes of perusing online stores...
Bon Voyage by Kids Line
Sports Fan by Cocalo
Playoffs by Lambs & IvyGo Car Go by My Baby SamJackson by CocaloGood to Go by NoJo
(I originally found all of these at, but come to find out many can be found cheaper at or!)

There are definitely other options out what do you think? B immediately nixed #4 (he didn't like the stars and moon on the mobile) and #5 (which had animals in it!)...but the others he’s ok with. Decisions, decisions...I think that his favorite right now is either #1 or those colors go a little better with what we had in mind for the nursery. I like the lamp that comes with #2...and the mobile that comes with #1. I really just like having a few more options to choose from!

Anyone else out there fall in love with one particular piece of the nursery set and selected it based on that? I know that’s what happened with my daughter’s set...

All of this just goes to show that men think differently than women...if I hadn’t really liked any of the options at BRU, I wouldn’t have picked one. I would have plainly said “Let’s keep looking on that.” and the search would have immediately continued! Oh well...guys are funny, what can I say?

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lilskrimp01 said...

These are some very cute things you added to your baby registry. I have found it very difficult on deciding on a bedding theme.