Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to Life. Back to Reality.

How many of you will have THAT tune stuck in your head from now on? LOL! I know that I will, so I figured that I would "share" the love! was my first day back at work. I know what you're thinking, mainly because the question's been asked of me more times that I'd care to count...why did I start back after EIGHT WEEKS off on a Friday?

Simple. Because I figured that it wouldn't go smoothly. And if it was crazy-hectic like I was planning on it being, then I would like to have the weekend to recover, replan and make a second attempt on a Monday. Because a first attempt on a Monday was just almost more than I could bear.

And really, who would want to leave this face?

Not me!!! I've truly enjoyed having the time off with my little man, and I cried the first time that I left him at day care almost two weeks ago (and that was just for a half day!) so you can imagine how it was this morning leaving him knowing that it would be 10+ hours until I could get back to him. I mean, even if Brent managed to get off of work early, I would still be at work and not able to see the little guy!

Truthfully, leaving him this morning was easier than anticipated. Maybe because the morning was as crazy-hectic as I thought that it would be! Let me sum it all up with one sentence:

I actually tried to leave the house without ANY shoes on.

And not just I forgot my "work" shoes and had on flip flops when I got into my car. I was completely, 100% bare-footed. And I actually started the car.

At least I didn't back down the driveway or actually leave. It was bad enough that I had to turn the car off, go back inside and find my would have been really bad if I had driven off!

Luckily for me, the day improved. Yes, I have a headache from staring at a computer screen for a full 9 hours for the first time in many, many weeks...but I was ready to go home and see my boys! I've enjoyed wearing my heels again, but I was ready to trade them in for my flip flops. And my dress is super-cute, but my pjs were literally calling my name.

Yep, it's nice to be home! Here's to Monday going A LOT more smoothly...

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