Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Things We Do for Our Blogs!

OK - looking back at my post last night about how my clothes were fitting, I realized that the picture that I posted wasn't really fair. It's a dress, and not a tight one at that. So you can't really tell anything. I could still be fairly pregnant looking and you wouldn't be able to tell in that dress.

So, I can't believe that I am doing this, but I took some more pictures this morning. You know, after I realized that I can get into my skinny crop jeans WITHOUT sucking in. These are jeans that I wore regularly when I was going through my know, the one time in your life when you don't eat?!?! And you lose all kinds of crazy weight? Yeah, these are THOSE jeans...yea me!
I took some pictures, which it's so hard to take a good self-portrait when you and your infant are the only ones at the house, and didn't like them. I seriously looked like death warmed over. Hair not done, no make-up on. So, I ran to the bathroom and showed my large amounts of love for you guys and put. on. make up. Seriously, that's a lot of love these days! And I left my hair down so that it looks like I "fixed it" even when I didn't. The second set of pictures turned out much better and were post-worthy.

And then I took it one step further and raised my shirt so that you could see that I wasn't sucking it in to look better or whatever. Yes, there is still work to do, some slimming and shedding still needs to happen as things are not as "tight" as I would like for them to be...but overall, I'm proud of my post-baby body.
Then my husband came home and saw me with my hair "did" and make up on and I had to tell a little white lie that I did it all for him. You know, since we're having company over for the big game today - UT plays this afternoon - and I didn't want to embarass him by looking all bedraggled. Even if it's just family.

But you guys know that I really did it all for YOU, right? 'Cuz I did!

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