Monday, September 20, 2010

My Little "Chunk!"

Man...what a difference two weeks (plus a few days) can make! Check out the changes in Jax over the past two weeks.

This picture was taken on Aug 29th...

Now check out this picture taken just this week!

Check out how his head has filled in! Do you see the difference too???

Now I will admit that the angle that I took that second photo from is not the most flattering, but still. His head has just rounded out all of a sudden and my little baby boy isn't feeling so little all of a sudden! I know that this happens...babies grow up into children after all.

But I didn't expect it to happen so fast! He's supposed to look like an infant longer than two he looks like a baby, not a newborn! And that makes me a little bit sad.

Excited, but sad. Excited for all of these changes add up into a little person who can sit by themselves (when SO many things change for a Mom!) and get around more by themselves. I'm really excited for that time.

But I can still be sad to see this newborn stage end, right?

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