Thursday, September 9, 2010

What To Do???

With all this FREE time?!?!?

All of a sudden getting some paid vacation time without having to take any actual vacation time...overlooking the part where we're paying for day care that we didn't need sort of awesome! It gives me some time each day to myself to do...whatever I want!

Last week, looking forward to this week was just a fantasy, and I spent countless hours (that might have been in the middle of the night) thinking about what I would do. All the things that I could get done. All the naps that I could take!!!

And here I am, two days into it and I'm realizing that maybe it's not as cool as I was thinking. You see, dreaming big and then facing reality leads to a short, fast course in the school of hard knocks. Taking him to day care for half a day doesn't really leave me THAT much least not as much as I had originally thought it would. Twice now this week I've laid down to take a nap (a much shorter nap than I had intended on having) just to frustratingly find that I can't shut down.

Can't stop the lists going through my head. Things I want to get done. Things that I could do. And then, there's the dreaded things that I SHOULD do...

Here's what little old me came up with last week:
  • Clean the house - really good from top to bottom, taking like one room each day and doing it well
  • Clean out my closet and dresser drawers - I literally can't find space to put all of my clothes in. Making some room by packing up/getting rid of the maternity clothes would help...
  • Work on some PWA stuff - do you remember my Project Whores Anonymous group? Yeah, I've still got things rambling about in my head on that front
  • Go to the gym and start working on working off that last layer of let's call it "fluff" before going back to work
  • Resting? Naps every day...and possibly a bubble bath each day...during the MIDDLE of the day
  • Shopping for some new post-baby work clothes, because a pregnant woman hasn't shopped for normal clothes in over 9 months...and I'm feeling the need. But once again, where would I put it all (see bullet point above)

That's just the start of the list that went on and on in my head. But in reality, I feel sort of guilty leaving him for more than 4-6 hours in day care. I know, it's silly, but I can't help the way that I feel. Maybe next week will be better.

So I took my list yesterday and did some "revising" to it. Here's my real goals of these next two weeks:

On the matter of resting...I can take or leave this. Yes, if it's been a really bad night, then I might opt for a nap but otherwise I'm going to try to not actually lay down during the day and sleep. My thinking on this is that resting now won't really prepare me for going back to work full time and dealing with baby for half the night. Right? Or do you disagree? Maybe I'll take one day towards the end of next week to just relax and wallow in myself...but until then, I think that I'd rather be more productive.

As far as cleaning the house goes? It's really not that dirty. I keep up with the main things daily - dishes, laundry and floors (not that I sweep/mop/vacuum daily, but close!) so it's not that every single room needs to be cleaned. Maybe just that I need to take one chore each day and do it - like bathrooms one day, dusting another day, floors the next. You get the idea. So it would be halfwy to "fall cleaning."

On the organizational front...this is a MUST for me. I literally have NO where to put up my clean laundry anymore. You think that I'm joking? Clean clothes are currently being placed on top of my PWA tupperware bin that's sitting in the middle of our closet. That's how bad it is. Don't believe me? Well, here's proof:

I'm so embarassed! I don't plan on doing anything with the left side of the closet - that's Brent's mess to deal with if it bothers him, but the right side? That's all mine!
Just look at the shoes! So sad...
So it's a definite must to do something about my side of the closet. There's a charity coming around on Friday the 17th doing clothing and household item pick ups in our neighborhood and my goal is to provide SEVERAL bags of items for them to haul off! (I actually started on this one yesterday and managed to clean out all of my dresser drawers already - WooHoo! But alas, they were NOT part of the sad picture montage above...they were extra!)

I'd like to maybe tackle doing the same thing to our kitchen pantry? Taking just one shelf a day shouldn't be too hard, right?

What else was there? Oh yeah, working out. Probably not gonna happen. I have a gym membership...and sometimes I utilize it. But it probably won't be this week. Maybe I can find a workout video that I can do while at the house...I just hate the thought of getting into a routine at the gym for these next ten days and then having to quit because once I'm working full time again trips to the gym might be few and far between during the next few months. Just trying to be honest. But if I had a video or something that I could do three or four nights a week...something in the 30 minute long range...that might work. And I stress the word might. A lot.

As for my projects? I'd really like to have some time left to work on those things too...but I'm honest enough to say that beyond the cleaning, the organizing and a little bit of "me" time that I have planned it probably won't happen. And that's ok. For now, possibly even the next little bit of time in fact, projects need to take a back burner to keeping up with the little guy. And I'm ok with that. I'll just store them all up and keep them under lock and key until I have the time (and energy) to deal with them.

Does that sound doable? Or do you think that I'm out of my freakin' mind? Are you in the "rest and relax" or the "make the most of your remaining time off" camp? I'm curious to know...

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