Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just Randomness

There is randomness in my head happens to all of us bloggers every once in a while and we just need to do a "brain/blog dump" to make it all go away!

So here are my thoughts (in no particular order):

Sleeping "in" is the shit! I didn't have to get Jenna up and ready for school, not to mention actually taking her to school, this morning, so I was able to sleep until the late hour of 8:15am!! Of course, I was up at 1am and 5 am feeding the little guy, so maybe now 8:15am doesn't sound too late to you either...but I swear to you, not having to get up at 6am and do the whole morning routine was the coolest thing ever this morning. Let's pray for a repeat tomorrow morning...along with a repeat on the night schedule and the ease at which he went back to sleep last night...

My little man is getting his routine down, and I'm thinking that routines are the best thing ever for little babies. I've got a post working in my head on this topic, so more on sharing our routine and those thoughts later...but as related to randomness #1 even his nights are falling into a fairly steady routine. Of course, as soon as I say that it'll all go down the drain! Man, I hope that I didn't just jinx myself!!

My heart goes out tonight to Heather over at Live.Laugh.Love. If you don't read her blog, you should, but even if your Reader is too full already, you might want to pop on over there and follow along with them for a little while. She gave birth a week ago...but she was only 27 or 28 weeks pregnant, so her little man Brayden was born 12 week premature. They're documenting their experiences going through such an early delivery and all, and it's really just heart-wrenching and heart-warming all at the same time. Wrenching because you hate to see this happen to anyone...and warming because Heather and her husband D have just stepped up to the plate/challenge and are becoming the best parents ever, even if it was a bit earlier than they planned on. You might notice the Praying for Brayden button that I put up to the right of my blog...please join me in keeping them in your thoughts and prayers during these next few critical weeks!

Here's a question (and the real reason that I started this post tonight!) for all of my C-section Moms out there. You all usually come through for me so well when I have questions, so feel free to help me out with comments below if this sounds familiar. Or even if it doesn't sound familiar and you think that I should be more alarmed than I seem to be!

Here's the question: when you had your C-section, did you have a lingering pain on or around the incision site? Like not a surface level pain, but something that feels more like it's from the internal incision? Let me explain a little better...sometimes when I stand up after sitting in certain positions, or bend over in certain ways, or even stretch across to reach something just out of my reach, I feel a little tug around what I think of as the "internal incision." And I use the words "little tug" very loosely, sometimes it's sharp enough to make me pause and grab that spot. But here's the thing - it's only on the right side. Never on the other side. I mentioned it to the nurses at the hospital (yes, I've had it for THAT long now!) and they assured me that it was totally normal to have that on the side where the incision was started. And they further told me that my doctor usually starts from the right side, so it made sense. But should I STILL be having it? I mean, it's been six weeks. I know that the body can take time to heal and all, but it's been SIX WEEKS. I have my six-week check up tomorrow morning, so I'll be sure to mention it to my doctor, but I just wondered if any of you had experienced anything like this...

And since it doesn't feel right to leave you without a picture of the little guy, here's a sneak peek for you...I took some pics today to compare 3 weeks to 6 weeks and here's a preview:
I know, I know...I'm so mean. That shot doesn't show ANYTHING! But it's pretty darn accurate - he IS totally handsome! :)

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AmandaW said...

Glad you are going to the doc today and can ask about that pain. I didn't have that with any of my c-sections. But, everyone is different, so you never know!
Oh - Did I tell you that S & T are pregnant?? Due March 2nd!!!! Woo hoo!!!