Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Meeting of PWA

In case you've forgotten, PWA stands for Projects Whores Anonymous. It's a club that I proudly sit in the President's chair for...I'm not ashamed.

And the project bug hit me pretty hard this past week. I wrote here about this project that I really fell in love with. For one thing, they would be made completely from scraps of material that I already owned, having only to buy the batting. Cheap = lovely in my book these days as we prepare for another mouth to feed around this house! And for another thing, I knew that it wouldn't be a long-term know, in case I got interrupted in the middle of the project for a little thing called labor.

Much to my dismay that didn't happen though! I was able to start and finish this project all in one afternoon, then a nap, and then the sewing in the evening. Because that's how my energy level is at this point!

So here's the final result:
And some close ups since I did them all a bit differently. I did the first ones following the instructions letter for letter. Even though with the miracles of modern cameras, I see how clearly not straight my lines are! But if anyone other than me ever noticed or pointed that out, I'd give them a reward...
Then I got a little "wild and crazy" and decided to mix things up a bit on the quilting portion of the project...
Oh yeah, it's just one wild party around our house right now! LOL!

Of course now that I see that this is something that can be compelted start to finish in less than an hour and a half (depending on how badly you may or may not slice open your finger with your rotary blade!), I want to make more. Plus, I can see that 6 coasters in a house is NOT nearly enough. I need some at the kitchen table. One on my nightstand. Another for Brent's nightstand. Then a couple for the little table that sits between our recliners. And last, but not least, some spares to have for the actual coffee table.

Yep, more MUST be made!

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