Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm a Total Slacker Some Days

But today was NOT one of those days! At least not until the ripe hour of 4:30. That's when I finally got home and went immediately to bed. Why would I do such a thing, you might ask? Well, for started it's like a million and one degrees outside here in the great state of Texas. Seriously. It's H-O-T. So this preggie is doing her best to stay indoors during the heat of the day.

*Side note - I did venture out to the Outlet Mall on Sunday during the heat of the day. But people, it's the Outlet Mall. It's like a Mecca or something. And I only went into one store. But it needed to be done.

OK - so back to my story, which really isn't that much of a story, just ramblings from a crazy, preggie woman.

So, every one knows by now that I'm working half days, right? Well, in case you missed it, my awesome boss agreed like a month ago to let me work half days to avoid the dreaded bed rest. My doctor threatened me with it with like 6 weeks to go and I just knew that I would go mad. Or madder. Whichever. So I went to work - begged, pleaded and promised to abide by whatever decision they made if I could work out a reduced work schedule. I got better than I asked for, and they're pretty cool peeps. It all works out so that I leave at 1pm each day, having worked a mere 5 hours.

But I have to tell you. At this stage of the game, that 5 hours is getting tough on the system. It's true what they say about each pregnancy being harder, especially when comparing one pregnancy in your twenties to one in your thirties. I'm not old, but geez! So yesterday, when my alarm went off at 6am, and the contractions had been ongoing between the hours of 12am and 5:30am - I said no. And not just no, but HELL NO! There was just no way that I could coherent and productive at work.

Which means that although I enjoyed a relaxing day yesterday, I paid the price today and worked my little butt off! I caught up on most of my work in 5 hours, and was only a little bit late leaving today. But that's ok for me to leave late on every other Tuesday, because on every other Tuesday Jenna's summer camp goes skating for their daily field trip and they don't get back to the center until 3-3:15. Which means that every other Tuesday I have like two hours to kill.

Usually I do errands and shopping. Today? Yeah, not so much. I grabbed some lunch, wolfed it down and promptly fell asleep in my car that was parked in the Target parking lot. Maybe not the best idea, but I was reading a book and totally didn't mean for it to happen. Plus, I got really comfortable. You see, the right foot swelling problem was REALLY bad today. Like when I was standing in line for my sandwich I realized all of a sudden how swollen it was and how much it hurt.

Like a LOT more than normal. Hmmm - perplexing. And yes, I realized while typing this post out that I should have taken a picture of it so that you would know that I'm not a big, fat liar or just a sissy. Oh well, next time.

So after I ate, I scooted my seat back, reclined the seat bacl a little and propped my right foot up on my dashboard. You know, to elevate it. Immediate relief followed - which must have led to the nap. But then after I picked up Jenna, I realized that I had to go to the grocery store for some stomach meds for my hypochondriac daughter and bread for the rest of us for lunches for the rest of the week. And by the time that I drove to our town and got to HEB, I could barely walk on my foot. Weird, huh?

After all of that, when I got home I was done. Just over it all and done. I crawled into bed, pulled a blanket up over me and promptly fell asleep. And I slept like the dead people. The dead. I honestly can't remember the last time that I slept that good. I'm sure that I needed the two and a half hours that I slept, but dang! Two and a half hours starting at 4:30pm is a LONG time! I felt a little like Sleeping Beauty when I woke up to dinner all prepared and waiting on me.

What a nice husband I have! He kept the kids quiet and entertained so that I could sleep AND he cooked dinner. Yes, it was just frozen pizzas, but I didn't have to think about it, get it ready, cook it or clean it up. Bliss, I tell you, pure bliss.

So now the $100 million dollar question is - how well will I sleep tonight? Probably not that well considering how much of a slacker I was earlier. But I feel good. Real good. And I wouldn't trade that for the world right now!

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