Monday, July 12, 2010

Just A Little Something

So I ran out of Bath & Body Works hand-soap last night. I typically order this stuff in bulk, so when I run out of soap, it's always sort of shocking. I mean, when you get a BOX of it on your doorstep that lasts several months, it's still somehow shockig when you run out.

Luckily, we were doing a BBQ with friends and Nikki mentioned to me that Bath & Body was running a big 75% off sale. So, after resting most of the morning (after being on my feet all evening cooking my legs/back and right foot were KILLING me!) little Jenna and I took off yesterday afternoon to run some errands.

One of those errands was running into Bath & Body. Score for me - they were still running the sale and they had their hand soap on sale 6 for $20. After scooping up some new scents and old favorites, I noticed that Jenna was captivated by something else. This little guy:

Yep, that's a little rubber casing that you can loop around your purse/back pack. Or a diaper bag, maybe? Since the little bottles were also on sale (5 for $5) Jenna and I both got a holder and each picked out a few scents. For these, I went with some old favorites:

Warm Vanilla Sugar

Coconut Lime Verbena

Midnight Pomegranate

Have you seen those little things? For $.50 I thought that it would make a GREAT addition to my diaper bag, and thought that I'd pass along my "find" for all those other moms-to-be or current moms right now!

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