Friday, July 2, 2010

Thirty Six Weeks

Week 36...what can I say? Will this be my last week? Maybe...maybe not. I had my doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon, and have another update for you all. Let's see if I can summarize...I gained weight...Jax's growth has slowed down...which might mean that I'm back on track for an end of July due date...or I could still be delivering within the next two weeks.

I just don't know.

And if you don't think that not knowing annoys the heck out of me, then you must have just started reading along with this little blog. I'm the type of control-freak personality that likes to know exactly what's going on. And yes, I do realize that being pregnant is not necessarily an exact science. I realize that it's anyone's guess...I just thought that I was closer.

Brent summed my feelings up nicely. He said "you know, they freak you all out and tell you that you could deliver as much as a month early...then they tell you two weeks...and now you just don't know what's up!" Yeah, that pretty much sums it all up for me.

But my check-up went well. Despite increased swelling, increased pressure and false contractions, my blood pressure was perfect, my growth was right on track and his movements/heart beat were all right where they need to be. Which is what I have to keep in the forefront of my mind...his health is most important. Not my comfort level.

Here's a quick summary:
Weight? 4 lb gain – marking a total of 16 pounds
Stretch marks? Keeping my fingers crossed and my belly greased up with Palmer's...none so far!
Belly Button – innie/outie? I vaguely remember the days when it was an innie...
Movement? All the time. Except that I can tell that his space is starting to get cramped because the movements are typically not sharp jabs/kicks but strong nudges.
Swelling? This has started happening some this week. My fingers were swelling a bit here and there, especially if I get hot...but this week I've noticed that my feet/ankles are swelling around noon each day if I don't get into bed and take it a little easier.
Contractions/Signs of Labor? Daily. I have both contractions and doctor doesn't seem too concerned about them though, and for the most part they're annoying, but not painful. Don't get me wrong, every once in a while one comes along that takes my breath away...but for the most part it's mainly strong cramps. More than cramps though, it's the feeling of pressure down there that hurts the most now.
Other Issues? Like my innie belly button, sleep is a distant memory. I suppose this will help prepare me for the long nights that are surely coming my way, but I could really use the rest right now! Other than that, I'm just getting really anxious to mee the little guy! Anxious, excited and a little scared about labor...even though I've been there and done that already.

And here are my belly shots for the week...From the side, my camera continues to work it's magic of making my bump seem smaller than in real life...

But I guess from the front, my camera makes up for what it takes off from the side, because WHAM! she's got a belly!

Hahaha - yeah, I had a good laugh at that one's ok, I'm not offended.

So since I'm at that mark where I'm almost considered full-term...Baby Watch 2010 has officially begun!

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